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Jon Fitch Fails Drug Test from WSOF 16 MMA News 

Jon Fitch Fails Drug Test from WSOF 16

Jon Fitch Fails Drug Test from WSOF 16

The list of fighters failing drug tests for PEDs continues to grow. According to the California State Athletic Commision (CSAC), World Series of Fighting (WSOF) competitor Jon Fitch (26-7) has failed a pre-fight drug test in connection to his December loss to WSOF champion Rousimar Palhares (17-6). Fitch, 36, tested for elevated testosterone levels, according to sources close to Fitch.

Fitch is now facing a one year suspension and a fine up to $2,500. Fitch is another name added to the long list of fighters who have tested positive for banned substances so far this year (Anderson Silva being the most recent one).

It comes in irony that the former UFC title contender Fitch would be in this list, as he has voiced his opinion against PED users in the past, and degrading the use of testosterone replacement therapy. It was back in 2013 when Fitch said in an interview with that testosterone replacement therapy was an alternate method to help past steroid users raise their testosterone levels again.

Fitch was quoted saying, “I am 35 years old, and I promise, I would and will bet money that my testosterone levels are just as good as a younger fighter. You know why? Because I have not wrecked my body with steroids, never used ANY type of PED and train healthy and properly to compete.”

You can read Fitch’s interview on FightHub.Tv here: (See the interview at

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