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Jon Jones reveals strategy to beat Stipe Miocic if he moves up to heavyweight

Jon Jones was paying close attention to the UFC 252 main event between Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier.

Jones, who is the current UFC light heavyweight champion has been talking about moving up to heavyweight for quite some time. Yet, negotiations failed which has lead Jones to say he might sit out for a couple of years, but it appears that might not be the case.

Throughout the main event, Jon Jones was active on social media to talk about the heavyweight division.

“Definitely a much slower pace in the heavyweight division,” he wrote.

“How these dude both going to take off the last two seconds of round 4 lol,” Jones wrote.

“Try that shit with me I dare you,” he added.

Following Stipe Miocic getting his hand raised, Jon Jones showed interest in the fight and moving up to try and become a champ-champ.

“Heavyweight world championships I will be seeing you real soon. Victorious,” Jones said.

“For some reason these heavyweights don’t seem so big to me tonight, he added.

If Jon Jones moves up to heavyweight to fight Stipe Miocic it would be one of the biggest fights in the company. Jones is already a massive star and many fans have called for him to move up to heavyweight for a long time.

So, if “Bones” does move up to heavyweight and fight Miocic, Jones knows he has what it takes to beat the heavyweight champ and actually told the world how he will beat him.

“Avoid Stipe’s right hand, I’m too fast, I’ll be too strong when the time is right and have way too much energy. Soon and very soon I’ll be considered the baddest man on this planet,” he concluded.

Jon Jones is coming off a controversial decision win over Dominick Reyes at UFC 247. If he stays at light heavyweight a rematch is likely to happen.

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