Stipe Miocic Crowned Greatest HWT of All-Time

UFC 252 Main Event Recap: Stipe Miocic Crowned Greatest HWT of All-Time

The trilogy is here!!

UFC 252 takes place inside the UFC APEX tonight, Saturday, Aug. 15. Current heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic and former two-division champion Daniel Cormier settle the score in the main event.

Rising Star Sean O’Malley puts his perfect record to the test against fellow bantamweight Marlon Vera in the night’s co-main event.

In the main event, Miocic seeks to defend his heavyweight championship, while former two-division champion Daniel Cormier looks to reclaim his championship throne. This fight completes the trilogy between these two champions.

Bob Meloni of asked the question, is the winner of tonight crown the greatest of all-time in the heavyweight division?

I think it does crown the GOAT in this division. Both fighters have cleared out the division and a second win would leave the champion at the summit of the heavyweight division.

Fight fans can expect DC to attack Miocic’s legs early and work the ground-and-pound as he did in the second fight. Miocic weathered the storm to land a few solid shots in the fourth round of the second fight to re-capture the title.

Official Fight Coverage Round-by-round:

Round 1

The former champion, Daniel Cormier and current champion, Stipe Micocic gets the full-size introduction by Bruce Buffer. A handshake and we are off. They show respect and touch gloves at the center. Both fighters feeling each other out. DC controlling the center of the cage. Miocic throwing a couple light low leg kicks. DC throws a couple outside jabs and a low kick the misses. Miocic goes to the body and DC goes right to the takedown, Miocic defends it off and Cormier uses a front headlock to control Miocic against the cage. Miocic breaks free. Miocic throws a couple more shots to DC. The former champ answers with a low kick and a jab. Miocic lands a right and DC answered with a big right head of his own. DC takes a jab to the face and pokes Miocic in the eye, forcing the ref to call a time out and brings in the doctor to speak to Miocic. Each fight an eye poke has occurred. The ref mark Goddard warns DC and they continue. Both fighters throw low kicks and DC tries to tie up. Miocic returns with big strikes. Massive change and DC landed a huge right that rocked Miocic. Miocic stumbled and recovered and finished the round. Scored the first round 10-9 for Daniel Cormier.

Round 2

Once again they open with kicks to each other. DC takes one to the boys. Time is stopped for a couple of seconds and we return to action. Miocic pressures DC with a few strikes but nothing significant. DC lands some more big shots and uppercuts that looked similar to the first fight when DC won. Miocic trying to catch DC as he avoids the strikes and lands one to the gut of DC. DC throws a leg kick and a couple more. DC lands two quick hooks, Miocic lands a left hook. They continue to land strikes in the exchange. DC avoids a sweeping takedown and then he lands a few big shots of his own. DC picks up the pace and continues to land jabs and a right straight. Miocic lands a massive right that stumbles DC and pressured him to force him to drop and Miocic jumps on him landing strikes with as time expires. fight continues.

MyMMANews scored the round 10-8 for Miocic.

Round 3

Between rounds, you hear DC ask his coach if he dropped. Round three starts. Miocic goes to the body and then pressures DC with leg kicks. DC looks hurt still as he throws massive haymakers. Miocic is pressure DC. Miocic locks up with DC and lands a knee. DC. starting to get back with it as he lands some jabs. DC pressured against the cage by the champion. Miocic throws spinning elbow that lands to the body. They break the clinch. Micocic lands a couple more strikes to DC and pressures him once again against the cage. DC controlling the hands of the champions to avoid the strikes against the cage. SM pressuring DC still against the cage. They break the clinch. Back to the center and SM pushes forward as DC throws a few strikes that miss. Miocic goes to the body. Dc trying to pick it up. Miocic lands a few more big shots before DC runs away and complains about an eye poke that the ref did not see. scored the round 10-9 for Stipe Miocic.

Round 4

DC said he could see to his corner between rounds. Round four begins. DC throwing kicks and a couple of strikes early. Miocic answers with kicks and strikes of his own. Miocic locks back up locks DC back up against the fence. DC striking little shots while Miocic pressures. They break the clinch. Miocic lands a big right shot to the closed eye of DC. DC goes to the body of Miocic. Micoci lands a big right and DC backs up. Miocic locks up a body lock and can’t take down DC and they break the clinch. Both fighter are starting to show fatigue as they slow down. They continue to exchange strikes. DC lands another big right hand and Miocic pressures DC again forcing his back against the cage. Miocic throwing knees. They break the clinch again. Miocic continues to push the pace. Miocic again pushing DC against the cage. Another big exchange and DC lands two shots. AND, the round ends. Round five here we come. scores the round 10-9 for Cormier.

Round 5

The final round of the fight begins. Both fighters keep throwing heavy shots and both fighters keep taking their turn pushing forward. DC clinches with Miocic and Miocic turns DC to his back against the cage. Both fighters breathing heavy against the cage. Miocic pressuring and not allowing DC off the cage. They break the clinch. DC trying to get close. SM goes for a takedown and take a few shots from Dc and then Miocic answers with big shots. Clinching back and forth and Miocic lands a knee and now he had DC’s back against the cage. Miocic pressuring him breaks the clinch and lands some big shot against DC. My Internet goes out and I miss the last god damn minute of this fight. scored the 4 minutes he saw of the round 10-9 Stipe Miocic.

The official decision Stipe Miocic def. Daniel Cormier via Unanmous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47).

The champion earned the title of GOAT for the heavyweight division. He stuck to his game plan and controlled Cormier against the cage where it separated the two for close rounds. Miocic used under-hooks, and listening to DC in the post-fight interview, it made it difficult for him. Miocic showed the world how strong his chin is after taking some massive shots. In round three, DC suffered big shots and was saved by the bell. Shockingly, Miocic out wrestled the former Olympic wrestler and this may be the last fight ever for Cormier.

Another great fight between two fighters that are future Hall of Famers for the UFC and MMA. The question is what does Stipe Miocic do now. Who does he fight, does he retire?? Many questions.

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