Justin “Wild Card” Carter (4-1 MMA) set to work on his striking at USKA Pro/Am Dec 11th

Interview with Justin Carter above

Gary Grant Jr’s USKA Fight Sports is set to close out their schedule for the 2021 season on December 11th in Allentown, Pennsylvania at the Parkview Inn.  USKA Pro/Am looks to be loaded with action as usual as Gary told me that this may be the biggest card he has done thus far.

In the main event, the much-anticipated rematch between JJ Veramendi and Richard Cooke is going to be a scorcher.  In their first fight, Veramendi connected flush to the face immediately after Cooke lost his head gear and the referee declared the fight a no-contest.

MyMMANews will be ring-side handling post fight interviews and we will also bring you highlights and full results from the event.  Leading up to fight night, we caught up with a few members of the card to get a little preview.  Justin “Wild Card” Carter is a blue-chip MMA prospect with a 4-1 amateur record to date.  He is scheduled to go toe to toe with the very talented Jared Jones who has a 3-0 kickboxing record.

Justin checked in with us for fight week to talk about his battle and his career.  He tells us…

“I saw Jared’s last fight and I was not impressed just because the level of opponent.  He has not been in there with anyone close to my level.  He is a great athlete but so am I and I’m going in there and going to walk him down.  If you watch my fights, you will see that’s what I do.  Move forward the entire fight and keep the pressure on.  I’m not going there or into any ring or cage to lose.”

Please check out our interview on the link above.  Carter is very confident and is another bright prospect who trains mostly at Finishers MMA who has a growing, deep team.

Justin Carter
Photo by William McKee for MyMMANews

Justin Carter

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