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Get Yolked Inc. Owner, Justin Yodice.

Justin Yodice, Fighter and CEO of Get Yolked Inc.,Launches Pre-Workout Supplement Called Ironside

In today’s day in age when you hear entrepreneur, one can’t help but immediately think of a friend from high school popping up out of nowhere asking you to join their pyramid scheme. Then I sit down and speak with a young man by the name of Justin Yodice and I remember what the true definition of entrepreneur is.

At only 23-years of age, Instead of finding his passion in some scheme, Yodice turned his passion into a business. The though process behind every step of his company and product is second to none.This Commack High school graduate isn’t afraid to adventure into new interests. When told he wouldn’t be able to compete as a bodybuilder, he proved the nay sayers wrong by competing in competitions. In April of 2017, the former high school wrestler stepped inside the mixed martial arts cage at Triton Fights 2. He captured a Split Decision victory against Jose Rodriguez, whom now is 4-1 in his amateur career.

Yodice is a young man ahead of his time. While most 23-year-olds are out partying at raves and flinging glow sticks through the air, he’s spending countless hours learning adobe illustrator so he can design his product labels, company website and logos. He understands the sacrifices necessary to create a respectable product that will benefit athletes (removing the fear of being popped by anti-doping agencies) and the average joe looking to improve their workout. In the interview on Carroll’s Corner MMA Podcast, Yodice explains how important to him transparency is. All of the ingredients and information about Ironside, a pre-workout supplement is located on his website,

All of Yodice’s adventures stem from his roots in the health and fitness field. Mentioned earlier in the article he’s a former high school wrestler. Now he’s a wrestling coach for several years at Commack High school and middle school and has been tangible component to the turn around in Commack’s program.

Yodice mentions in the interview with Kyle Carroll of Carroll’s Corner MMA Podcast how he came up with the name of his company, Get Yolked Inc. And his newest supplement pre-workout product, Ironside. Both titles come with very sentimental meaning. Get Yolked Inc. comes from his high school coach, Rich Pellegrini who he informed us deeply impacted and shaped his style of coaching. The name Ironside is inspired by his late friend and former teammate, Nick Webber.

Yodice briefly discusses the possibility of returning to the MMA cage in the near future, but for the time being his focus and devotion is being poured into his company.

For those interested in purchasing this product, know that this young man has created a discount for all first responders. It’s something that’s dear to his heart and in addition, he helps give back to the community by donating a portion of the proceeds from Ironside back to the first responders. On the podcast he informed us his brother is an FDNY firefighter in the Bronx, NY, and he himself volunteers every Sunday night to ride in the ambulance as a first responder himself.

Interested in finding out more information about Ironside, visit Get Yolked Inc.’s website and social media.

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