Kazakhstan hosting 5th World MMA Championships October 6-7

Kazakhstan hosting 5th World MMA Championships October 6-7

This weekend more than 100 rising MMA stars, representing 26 different countries, will compete for world titles in eight weight classes at the 5 World MMA Championships in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Female amateur fighters will be divided into two weight classes, marking the debut of women at the World MMA Championships.

The event will be broadcast live by Kazakh national television companies and some international sports TV channels.

LIVE broadcast of the Finals will be available October 7 at http://video.m1global.tv/

To watch the finals of the 5th World MMA Championships from your smartphone or tablet, please, download the M1GLOBAL.TV app:


The countries competing in the 5th World MMA Championships are the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Germany, France, Spain, Armenia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan. China, Czech Republic, Belarus, Tajikistan, Georgia, Greece, Iran, India, South Korea, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Russia.

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