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Carl Booth talks lessons from title fight loss and looks forward to another KO against Al Selawe

Carl Booth talks lessons from title fight loss and looks forward to another KO against Al-Selawe

Englishman Carl Booth is getting ready to go back to Bahrain for another Brave appearance on November 17. He will face Jarrah Al-Selawe, a man he TKO’d a few years before on Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions. Coming off a title fight loss against Carlston Harris, “The Bomber” looks forward to showing Brave fans the lessons he learned from that defeat.

In an interview with MMA UK, the Welterweight striker admitted to being out-wrestled by the new champion and wants to have a full fight camp to eventually face Harris again.

“The guy that I fought before, Carlston Harris, he was a last-minute opponent. I’d really like to get a full training camp in to face that guy again. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from that fight. I got out-wrestled, so I’ve been focusing on that and on my cardio, so I can be explosive throughout five rounds instead of just wearing myself out in the first ten minutes. You either win or you learn, and I did learn. Sometimes when you get a quick KO you don’t learn as much because you knew you could do that anyway. So when you come out of a challenging fight you take something from it, and I did”, said Booth.

With regards to his next opponent, the Englishman knows that Al Selawe has improved from the first time they fought, back in 2014. Booth TKO’d the Jordanian inside 30 seconds on his pro debut and knows that his opponent hasn’t improved his chin – and says he’s looking forward to testing that once again.

“I’m fairly confident either way, and I know he’s improved since then. He’s a lot more well rounded, but one thing you can’t improve is your chin. I don’t think it’s possible to do that, so I’m confident in another knockout. I know he’s not stronger than Harris. If he wants to wrestle with me it will just give me the opportunity to show my new stuff”.

Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions marks the promotion’s return to Bahrain after a year. During 2017, the organization expanded its operations, putting on groundbreaking events on countries such as Brazil (twice), Mexico, Kazakhstan, India, and the United Arab Emirates. Brave 9 will be the culmination of the International Combat Week, alongside the IMMAF World Championships under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

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