Kosovan Mixed Martial Arts Federation Joins The IMMAF

IMMAF adds another country’s MMA federation to its ranks. Kosovo’s MMA joins the IMMAF, giving the organization a presence in the Balkan Peninsula in Europe.

Kovoso calls their body Federata Arteve Mikse Marciale Kosoves, or FAMMK. The FAMMK was founded in 2019 in Phrishtina, Kosovo. Besart Berisha is the leader of FAMMK and has worked with the IMMAF in the past. Berisha fought in the IMMAF in the 2017 World Championships and the 2018 European Open for Austria.

FAMMK has United Kosovan MMA clubs and has worked with the Kosovan Olympic Committee. FAMMK will continue to work with the nearby countries of Austria and Germany to grow their martial arts presence.

FAMMK says their goal is to grow mixed martial arts in Kosovo and make it one of the top three sports in the country.

Growing IMMAF Globally

In addition time Kosovo, IMMAF has added a bunch of new countries to their ranks. Guatemala, Uzbekistan, and Uruguay have all joined the federation in recent months. The organization is working on getting MMA Olympic accreditation and has had a rough time doing so, with much opposition.

IMMAF has moved their headquarters to Switzerland recently to get closer to the IOC. But with hurdles sent by WADA, the process took another step back. But, the organization continues to push. They are adamant that MMA should be an Olympic sport.

Just two weeks ago, they postponed the implementation of their grading system due to negative feedback from the community. The board wants to get it right before officially launching it.

IMMAF continues to get more and more of a foothold in MMA around the world and continues towards their goal for Olympic recognition. Stay tuned to My MMA News for all the latest surrounding their push and to stay posted with all the latest updates. Thanks for reading!

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