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Legendary MMA fighters who know how to make a show out of their fight

MMA Legends

In the history of mixed martial arts, many quality and great fighters have impressed all fans of the sport for years with their skills and track record. But, of course, to single out even the top ten is not an easy task, as some were a killer with their punching power, some had phenomenal groundwork, and some were the audience’s favorite due to their resilient character.

In compiling our list, we looked not only at the fighters’ accomplishments and length of dominance in their weight class but also at their impact on the world of MMA as a whole. It is worth noting that the online casino India also has slots on the theme of MMA.

Some fighters can’t boast many champion belts in the same UFC but leave their significant mark in the sport. But we will talk about those who have achieved everything in their sports career and written their name in the history of mixed martial arts as some of the best fighters of all time. Among them are:

  • Randy Couture;
  • Conor McGregor;
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov and others.

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Demetrious Johnson

“The Mighty Mouse” is known to all MMA fans as a positive and respectful fighter, but the life journey of the future UFC featherweight champion is hard to call a problem-free one.

Demetrious grew up without a father, and his stepfather’s harsh treatment since childhood has tempered his fighting spirit, which later helped him become one of the best in UFC and mixed martial arts history.

Johnson has been unmatched in his weight class since 2012. He became the first featherweight champion in UFC history and had successfully defended his belt 11 times in a row, which is a complete record.

For a long time, Demetrious remained at the top of his division until Henry Sehudo came along and made one of the most unexpected upsets. The Mighty Mouse’s career in the UFC ended after that, and he went to conquer the ONE Championship Singapore promotion. 

Jose Aldo

Nowadays, the career of the legendary Brazilian has unfortunately gone downhill, but in his time, he was the best fighter, no matter what weight class he was in. Aldo has been an undefeated UFC champion since his first appearance in Dana White’s promotion. He successfully defended his title from 2010 to 2015, and the Brazilian jiu-jitsu master seemed unmatched in the featherweight division.

That was until injuries interfered with Jose’s life, making him less and less likely to enter the octagon. In addition, a new UFC star, Conor McGregor, appeared on the horizon and broke Aldo’s long domination in just 13 seconds.

This defeat had an impact on the Brazilian’s future career. Aldo was psychologically broken and was even planning to end his MMA career. Jose later renewed his contract with the UFC and now continues to try to return to the top of the promotion, but so far, he is just a shadow of himself.

Randy Couture

When it comes to the top of the best MMA fighters, it can’t be without the legendary Randy Couture. Unfortunately, the list of “Captain America” victories and defeats may mislead you, as Randy has often lost championship belts but has come back and been on top again.

Couture has the bantamweight and heavyweight titles to his credit, and the best part is that he is a five-time UFC belt holder. Randy has defeated legendary fighters like Chuck Liddell, Vitor Belfort, and Tito Ortiz, and in 2006 he deservedly became a member of the UFC Hall of Fame.

Daniel Cormier

Undoubtedly, DC deservedly ranks as one of the best mixed martial arts fighters of all time. But unfortunately, the consistently positive and self-ironic American doesn’t have a perfect physique and likes to indulge in junk food. Still, looking at Cormier’s accomplishments, it’s hard to say that it hinders him in any way.

The champion in two UFC weight classes at once represented the United States in freestyle wrestling at two Olympics and later found himself in MMA, where he became an absolute superstar.

Cormier is not your typical wrestler, always trying to take his opponent down. However, he has a great punch, as proven by his numerous early knockout victories. 

Conor McGregor

The Irishman has been criticized a lot lately for his scandalous antics. He can be seen beating up a pensioner in a bar while intoxicated or grabbing the phone from a fan who just wanted to take a picture with his idol. Of course, that’s all McGregor is, but it’s hard to deny that he popularized MMA worldwide because of his outrage.

We can talk about McGregor for a long time because he is undoubtedly the most discussed fighter in mixed martial arts. There is a feeling right now that he doesn’t need any more fights, and there is some truth. Conor has made millions from his image and is actively engaged in business, but the public wants to see him fight again. 

Chuck Liddell

Chuck Liddell is one of the first UFC fighters to become widely known outside the octagon. His fighting style caught the attention of even those not particularly interested in mixed martial arts. He was always coming forward, sprinkling numerous punches on his opponent. In the noughties, he was a byword for MMA, and his confrontations with Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture were more interesting than any TV series.

Even the UFC president Dana White tried to popularize his promotion with Liddell. He sent the fighter to Japan in 2003, where the more famous PRIDE tournament occurred. Rampage Jackson knocked Chuck out, but that defeat only made him stronger and didn’t let him stop before the long-awaited title.

Liddell was once UFC champion, which he successfully defended for two years. Unfortunately, Chuck’s flamboyant fighting style took a significant toll on his health, making the legend’s career not last as long as hoped. However, even that was enough to write Chuck Liddell’s name in mixed martial arts history.

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva has long been considered the best fighter in the UFC regardless of weight class, but as practice shows, every sports member has a slump at one point. The Brazilian “Spider” remained undefeated UFC middleweight champion from 2006 to 2012. He defended his belt ten times, which was a record.

Silva became best known for his standup skills. However, he occasionally used spectacular and good leg kicks from Brazilian Muay Thai and Taekwondo. “Spider”‘s actions in the octagon were so unexpected that his opponents sometimes found it difficult to “read” Andreson’s further move.

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Khabib Nurmagomedov

Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov is one of the few on this list whose career blossomed relatively recently. You may not like Khabib’s passive fighting style, but you can’t ignore his 28-win and no-loss streak.

Nurmagomedov came from Dagestan, where freestyle wrestling is highly developed. Khabib began to train in childhood under the tutelage of his father, and honored coach of Russia Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov 2012 was invited to the most famous mixed martial arts promotion – UFC.

Though Khabib successfully went over the heads of his opponents, he became the UFC lightweight champion only in 2018, defeating Alexander Jay Iaquinta. After that, there was a significant leap in the Russian’s career: a conflict with McGregor, an early victory by choke, and a recent successful defense of the belt in a fight with Dustin Porter.

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