Paul Querido wraps the hands of Scott "The Animal" Heckman, Scott Heckman

Paul Querido wraps the hands of Scott "The Animal" Heckman

Scott Heckman: When you Lock ‘The Animal’ in a Chamber, He Bites

Scott Heckman: When you Lock ‘The Animal’ in a Chamber, He Bites

One of the top wrestlers turned fighters in northeastern Pennsylvania returns to the cage April 26 to defend his Cage Fury Fighting Championship featherweight strap against Levan Makashvili (7-0).

Scott “the Animal” Heckman (17-4) will make his way to the Borgata Hotel and Casino via the Atlantic City Expressway looking to solidify his third straight win inside the CFFC cage.

Heckman, who is currently signed to a three-fight deal with the organization normally trains at AMA Fight Club in Whippany, however, MyMMANews caught up with him at Chamber MMA in East Stroudsburg, Pa., where he was training in preparation for this five-round title affair.

My MMA News – “Scott, you normally train at AMA, why are you here tonight at Chamber MMA?”

Scott Heckman – “I met Don (Coach Don Cioffi) while at AMA.  Don was there with some of his fighters, and we instantly connected.  I was missing a link in my fighting game.  I needed someone who understands wrestling, boxing, MMA as a whole, the whole aspect.  I saw what he could provide, and he was a perfect fit because instead of trying to change my entire fight game or style he adapted to my style and is finding a fight game that works with my style.”

My MMA News – “Coach (Don Cioffi), what have you noticed change in Scott’s game since coming to Chamber?”

Coach Don Cioffi – “What’s the first thing you think about when you think of Scott Heckman?”

My MMA News – “Wrestling”

Coach Don – “Exactly.  He’s not a wrestler anymore.  He’s got all the tools now.  His aggressiveness is much improved.  Foot work is fine.  We let him use angles more.  Give him better positions.  He’s not just a traditional boxer either.  He works it all, head, body, and he’ll work down below with takedowns.  He’s got it all.”

Scott Heckman – “I’m using all my tools.  Constantly firing at different levels.  I’m learning that I don’t need a takedown all the time.  I can pepper with some punches before I go to the ground.”

During the open workout at Chamber, Coach Cioffi went over some footwork and boxing techniques telling Heckman, “If they don’t want to block it, they’re eating it.  Use your fists, even if it’s just for cover fire.  Use your hands to keep him busy.”

When Makashvili enters the cage next Saturday he will be fighting an animal, a well-trained, Chamber bred animal.

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