matchmaker monday, ufc 260

Matchmaker Monday following UFC 260

UFC 260 ended with a new reign on top of the heavyweight division.

Francis Ngannou is now the baddest man on the planet after adding another knockout to his list of victims as he powered right through Stipe Miocic to at last hold the heavyweight championship.

This meeting was drastically different then when both men fought back at UFC 220 in 2018. In the first fight, Miocic out wrestled Ngannou on way to a clear cut unanimous decision. Meanwhile, the second fight, was all Ngannou. Now is a trilogy next or is Jon Jones the next contender? Let’s find out on this Matchmaker Monday.

Francis Ngannou
Result: defeated Stipe Miocic by second-round KO at UFC 260
Next: Jon Jones

Huge win for Ngannou as his incredible story has added a new chapter called heavyweight champ. Now it’s time for a matchup that fans have been waiting for. The hard hitting knockout freak Ngannou vs. the GOAT Jon Jones. This is a blockbuster fight and should make a boat load of money.

Jones is absolutely next. He’s been next for the winner of this fight for sometime now. Buckle up it’s going to be a fun ride in the lead up to the fight.

While Jones is definitely next, we don’t have a timeframe for the fight just yet and it’ll be interesting to see when the UFC books the fight. It’s looking like Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier will complete a trilogy fight in July, so you can rule out that date. Expect the heavyweight title to be online after that in the fall, possibility in real late 2021.

Stipe Miocic
Result: lost to Francis Ngannou by second-round KO at UFC 260
Next: Derrick Lewis

Miocic had one hell of a run on top. If this situation occurred 100 times, 99 of them would result in a trilogy fight. This is the one time it doesn’t. Jones can’t be sidelined too long and he’s next.

If you recall, Miocic had this situation happen once already when he didn’t get an automatic rematch against Daniel Cormier. When that happened, Miocic elected to sit out and wait for his deserved title shot. He may do that again here. However, in you have to match him up against someone, you’d have to go with Derrick Lewis from a rankings standpoint.

Miocic is the heavyweight GOAT and can make another, but things just got real interesting at heavyweight. Going to be a fun few months.

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