SOGI Tournament Crowns Men's Middleweight and Women's Absolute Champions

SOGI Tournament Crowns Men’s Middleweight and Women’s Absolute Champions

Yesterday, on Sunday, March 28, 2021, SOGI (Submission Only Grappling Invitational) held another impressive jiu jitsu event at 10th Planet Long Island in New York. The event featured numerous superfights on the undercard and two cash brackets, a men’s middleweight (185 lb) and women’s absolute. The event started at 11 a.m. and you can check out the full replay here. Both brackets were EBI rules with $2,000 to the winners. SOGI always keeps their events moving quickly and features high level competitors, making it an exciting and well-paced event for the fans. The stream is also free on Facebook thanks to their sponsors such as 110%, Roll Forever, and Pro Pen Sports, to name a few. This is particularly nice because due to COVID regulations, SOGI only allows competitors and coaches at the venue. 

Men’s Middleweight Champion Nick Ronan

The men’s bracket was full of action but came down to Nick Ronan and Aaron Harris in the finals. Both are really well-known as being good at leg locks, but the match ended with Ronan securing a darce choke to claim the $2,000 and champion chain. Ronan is a black belt under Matt Serra, an avid high level competitor, and is also sponsored by Roll Forever. He will be competing again soon on the upcoming Emerald City Invitational on April 10, which will be streamed on Flograppling. 

Women’s Absolute Champion Samantha Fisher

The women’s finals came down to Samantha Fisher vs Deise Leonanjo, with Fisher taking the armbar within regulation to win the $2,000 and champion chain. Fisher is a purple belt training out of Padilla BJJ in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She managed to defeat all of her opponents via submission within regulation on her way to the title. 

SOGI hosts pro jiu jitsu events regularly, so make sure to follow them to be one of the first to know about their next event! 


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