Matt Hamill saves baby on highway, female driver passed out

Matt Hamill saves baby on highway, female driver passed out

Matt Hamill saves baby on highway, female driver passed out

UTICA, N.Y. – We are receiving reports that shortly after noon today, Matt ‘the Hammer’ Hamill helped save two lives on an active highway in Utica.matt-hamill-33

Hamill, who withdrew this past weekend from his scheduled light heavyweight title eliminator bout against Thiago Silva at WSOF 19 in Phoenix, Arizona due to illlness, was driving in New York today when a car drove past him going the opposite direction it was supposed to.

The mixed martial artist who was born deaf, knew something was wrong and immediately turned his truck around in pursuit of the vehicle.  Hamill was able to catch up to the car and pin it down to a crawl before it was finally came to a stop.

‘Hammer’ could not pry the door open so he broke through the glass with his fists.  Much to his surprise he found an infant in the back seat while a female driver occupied the front seat, unresponsive and unconscious.

Police arrived on scene to confirm the woman was under the influence of alcohol and drugs which led to her arrest.





14 thoughts on “Matt Hamill saves baby on highway, female driver passed out

  1. Kind of weird how this wasn't on ANY news source in the Utica/Rome area. And it was posted on April 1. Pretty shitty April Fools joke if you ask me.

  2. Craig Lytle Then where are all the news organizations??? Search the internet and this page is the only one that has this. This would be huge news on the Utica NBC news channel and webpage but not a peep.

  3. Jesse Abbott Gang Sign Translation: "3-1-5 UTICA DEAF-JAM SQUAD REPPIN!! Yaa boi, THA HAMMER, is up in the club about to save this crazy white bitch who been sippin too much lean. YOLO – peace out bitcheezzz….SQUAADDD"

  4. Whoever was questioning this article, should be ashamed of yourself. Google it now. Fox, MSN, MMA Fighting, and thousand more have all the information as well. Arrest record, names, full story, etc. Matt is an amazing person. True inspiration. Whatever happened to, "If you do not have a nice thing to say, don't say it?" Or, why would you even waste your time commenting? Seems like you just want to be heard. Guess what??? No one is listening. MMA News broke the story, that's why you didn't see anything yet.

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