Fight of the Year, Justin Gaethje, Max Holloway, UFC 300

Max Holloway vs. Justin Gaethje – Fight of the Year

Max Holloway and Justin Gaethje put on a show at UFC 300 as Holloway knocked out Gaethje at the buzzer of the fifth and final round to win the BMF title.


Following Holloway’s great victory, UFC president Dana Whitepraised both men for their great fight and he also awarded both men with Fight of the Night honors in which both men made 300 thousand dollars each.

Holloway was also given an additional performance bonus which will allow him to fly back home to Hawaii with 600 thousand dollars.

The BMF title fight at UFC 300 was everything a fight fan could have wanted to see and now the question becomes, just how good was it?

Let’s break that topic down now. The breakdown can also be seen in the video above.

Dana White says Max Holloway vs. Justin Gaethje will be the Fight of the Year

Well, he you go. Case closed.

If the boss says it’ll be Fight of the Year, its going to take home the honors.

While we have a lot of fights left in 2024, you have to wonder if anyone will be able to top what the world just saw on Saturday night.

The fact that Holloway risked winning a unanimous decision win in which he would have won 4-1 on the scorecards to throw it down in the center of the octagon with 10 seconds left was such a gangster move and to top it off he gets a walk off knockout win that will be talked about forever.

Will Max Holloway win Knockout of the Year?

There definitely can be some competition here.

Its only April and we have so many heavy hitters out there so somebody maybe be able to make a case here by the time we wrap up 2024.

Here’s the thing. The way this one ended was absolutely wild. In fact the UFC pretty much said screw it, were putting this knockout on all our social media channels so the world can see it, even if they didn’t the pay per view says something.

So to the answer the question…I vote yes

Will Max Holloway vs. Justin Gaethje at UFC 300 make the UFC Hall of Fame?


This fight was all that and a bag of chips. Two warriors swinging away, Holloway making a statement and of course the wild ending.

This fight is going to be talked about for a long time and it should make its way into the Hall of Fame one day.

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John Eric Poli