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McGregor vs. Khabib – Why McGregor is the Favorite to Win

According to MMA The Khabib vs. McGregor bout is looking like a very well balanced mixed martial arts event, and is one of many that are scheduled to take place in the next few months.

In fact, that particular match is going to be broadcast live on the 6th of October 2018 and is being staged at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Las Vegas Nevada.

Now from a betting point of view, McGregor is by no stretch of the imagination the favorite to win that match, in fact he is the underdog, however you only have to look at and compare the current form of both fighters to realize why many people think he is going to be the winner of that match, even though is isn’t the favorite to do so!

As the bout is of course being staged in Las Vegas of all places, there is expected to be a huge amount to money being bet on both fighters, but without a shadow of a doubt it is McGregor that many punters are of the mindset that he is going to win that match and win it easily too.

What I am going to be doing in the following guide, is taking a look at what else is available be way of betting opportunities on that match, for as McGregor is not favorite to win his win odds are currently quite appealing, and there are many additional betting opportunities available on that match, which will allow you to back him to win but at some much larger and much more attractive odds too.

Which Round is McGregor Expected to win in?

If you are of the mind that McGregor is going to win this match, then you may be wondering just which round of the match he is likely to win it in, and if so allow me to now give you an insight into just which round that could be.

Having studied the form and analyzed data on McGregor the most likely round in which he is likely to win this match is of course the first one, followed by the second, third, fourth and fifth rounds.

Most odds compilers are in agreement that if he is going to win then it is that order in which they are offering their respective win odds on that betting market. However, do keep in mind that this match could of course end with McGregor winning by points.

The chances of the match going the way of McGregor by points is in between the chances of him winning in round two and round three, so do keep that in mind too!

Method of Victory McGregor Will Win By

There are several different ways that the method of victory could be determined in the McGregor vs. Khabib match, and with that in mind I am now going to take a look at the most likely method of visitor that McGregor could win by.
The most likely methods of victory that he will win this match by include a KO, TKO or a Disqualification 13/8, followed by him winning on Points, next he could win this bout by a Submission and the least likely outcome of this match will be a draw, in case you are wondering!
Method of Victory and Round Match Will End in

If you are of the mind that McGregor is going to win this match and will win it with great ease then what you should be doing is trying to work out just what method of victory he will win by and also in which round he will win in too.

Having taken a look at what some of the leading odds compilers in the industry think about this match if McGregor is to win but will be in round one and by either a KO, TK or a Disqualification.

Those odds compilers then think that it will be in round 2, 3, 4, and 5 he is most likely to win by if not the first round and he will win by a KO, TKO or Disqualification.

Just keep in mind that currently the volume of money that is being wagered on McGregor is not high enough to make him the favourite to win this match and as such the odds available on any betting market that has him to win are going to be much higher than those of his opponent.

Unique Occurrences in the McGregor vs. Khabib Match

What many fans of the sport will also be trying to predict in the McGregor vs Khabib match are some of the much more unusual occurrences that may just happen as the match is being fought.

The most likely occurrence is that Khabib is going to land a takedown in round one, which is of course something no fan of McGregor is going to want to see happen!

The next most likely occurrence in this match is that either fighter is going to be knocked down in round one followed by Khabib landing a takedown in every round.

Khabib is also expected to land at the very least 20 significant strikes in the first round followed by him being expected to land of five and half takedowns in total, which yet again is something no fan of McGregor is going to want to see happening.

You can actually bet on whether both of the fighters are going to touch gloves after any referee instructions and the odds of that happening are a tad over even money, which is certainly a very novel and unique bet!

The odds that McGregor is going to land 30 or more significant strikes in the very first round are 6/4 and that is something that should put a smile on any of his fans if he manages to do so which is of course something that may just happen.

The chances though of McGregor landing a takedown in the first round are 4/1 which are fair odds considering his current form.

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