Michael Chiesa

Michael Chiesa celebrates after picking up a win over Diego Sanchez at UFC 239.

Michael Chiesa vows not to fight during COVID-19 pandemic

Michael Chiesa has been red hot since moving up to welterweight. While he does have momentum on his side, he will not be fighting during the current global coronavirus pandemic.

In an Instagram post, Chiesa stated that he doesn’t feel like fighting right now will benefit his career.

“On the heels of my biggest win to date, there is nothing I want more than to get back in the octagon and compete,” Chiesa wrote in a lengthy statement.

“Fighting in an empty arena feels almost advantageous to me after the time I spent on TUF. Competing in that type of environment is not what I’m worried about. It’s the preparation that’s holding me back. Gyms are closed, training partners are scarce, and coaches/teammates are doing what’s best to protect the heath of their family. All of which are things I empathize with 110%. On top of that, there’s other problems behind the scenes that are better left unsaid. I know many fighters are experiencing the same challenges in trying to put together a camp right now. There’s some people that have enough resources to make it happen right now but unfortunately, I’m not one of those people.”

While the timeline for Chiesa to return is now up in the air, he still wants to fight someone ahead of him the rankings.

“My stance on who I fight next will remain the same, it has to be someone ranked ahead of me. Out of respect for that short list of guys and the wishes of my family, I’m not showing up unless I can be at my absolute best. All I can say is, I hope to get back in there sooner than later and I am proactively searching for solutions on my own.”

Chiesa is a perfect 3-0 at 170-pounds. Two of his three wins have come against former world champions in Carlos Condit and Rafael dos Anjos.

Following his win over dos Anjos, Chiesa called for a fight Colby Covington, who also is a former champion.

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