Mike Perry, 'Platinum' Mike Perry pulls out much needed win, UFC Uruguay medical suspensions

Mike Perry says girlfriend, Latory Gonzalez ‘did a great job’ in his corner

Mike Perry was very happy with his girlfriend, Latory Gonzalez, as his lone cornerman at UFC on ESPN 12.

In the co-main event, Perry was taking on Mickey Gall in a really intriguing scrap. Many were curious about how Perry would do with no one on his corner but his girlfriend. Ultimately, “Platinum” looked really good. He won a clear cut decision where he was posied and picked his shots instead of brawling.

Following the fight, he said Gonzalez did a phenomenal job in her debut as a UFC corner.

“She did a great job,” Perry said at the post-fight press conference. “She kept it very simple, she shouted a couple of things, I heard her during the fight and I remember telling myself, ‘Okay. There you go. She getting into it now. She was like, ‘Keep your hand up.’ There was one time he had swung and just missed. ‘Get your hand back up,” and I’m like, ‘Alright.’

“In the corner, when she was in there rubbing the ice on me, she kept asking me, ‘Hey, where do you want, what else do you want, what can I do?’ She was trying to do more for me and it was really cool just sitting in there quiet and just thinking about how the next round was gonna go.”

Mike Perry also believes his girlfriend did a better job than most corners do. He also says coaches yelling advice in the corner is no help to him.

“My girl did such a great job bringing in the stool and the bucket with the water,” Perry said. “I was thinking, sometimes coaches be so ready to get in there and tell you something like they think they’re gonna make a difference for you and it’s for themselves. They want to feel like they told you something that helped you win this UFC fight. And they’re just getting money and attention and trying to take credit for what your work has done. Like, bro, carry that bucket and bring me that stool. [Gonzalez] looked better than any coach all-time bringing that stool and that bucket. She was so pretty with that little ninja face mask, killing it all night long.”

Whether or not he will continue with Gonzalez as his lone corner is to be seen.

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