Ronda Rousey praises Kay Hansen following armbar win in UFC debut

Ronda Rousey praises Kay Hansen following armbar win in UFC debut

Former UFC champion, Ronda Rousey, was very impressed with 20-year-old, Kay Hansen’s UFC debut where she earned a third-round armbar win over Jihn Yu Frey.

It was a very impressive win for Hansen, where after the event, said Rousey was a big reason why she got into MMA.

“I had a lot of women in my life and I saw a lot of women on TV, but she was kind of like what other women weren’t,” Hansen said after her win at the post-fight press conference. “And I was like ‘Oh, you don’t have to be that cookie-cutter mold of a women.’ So when I saw it I was like ‘Ding! It’s funny, I’ve told this story so many times. But I used to go to UFC Fight Nights with my family and I hated it when I was 7 and 8 I was like ‘This is so dumb, fighting is dumb.’ And then I saw Ronda when I was 15, I was like ‘Oh, girls can do this too!’ And something about it just stuck with me and here I am now.”

After seeing the win and hearing of how she inspired Hansen to take up MMA, the UFC Hall of Famer took to social media to praise the UFC debutant.

“Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing more from you! Nice armbar,” Rousey tweeted at Hansen.

For Kay Hansen, to have Ronda Rousey congratulate her is amazing, and something she likes how the veterans are supporting the new fighters.

“Megan [Olivi] just showed me. So I’ve been getting stitched up this whole time, so I haven’t even got to even look at my phone yet. But, she did tell me about that tweet and that’s awesome,” she said. “Veterans supporting young guns. It’s all a cycle, and there’s going to be little girls under me one day, and I think it’s great that we support each other that way.”

With the win, Kay Hansen improved to 7-3 and is now on a three-fight winning streak.

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