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Chas Skelly discusses his fight being overturned by the Colorado Athletic Commission

UFC featherweight Chas Skelly recently had his loss to Bobby Moffett overturned to a no-contest by the Colorado Athletic Commission after a two-year process, and he recently spoke out about the decision, the process that had to happen, and why it was important to him to have it overturned.

Appearing on ‘The Luke Thomas Show‘ on Sirius XM, Skelly discussed how he went about the appeal process and noted that some changes with the commission played a part in the lengthy time frame of his appeal.

“I didn’t send it the day after, I waited a little bit and then I sent something,” Skelly said. “There was a head of the commission, I think the Colorado Athletic Commission was kinda going through a change. I think that my appeal just got shuffled in the mix with the changing of the guard. Luckily I ended up following up, I sent a message and said ‘hey I filed an appeal a little while ago’, it didn’t matter to me, I just wanted them to give it a look, I wanted a fair shake. It rubbed me more wrong that [referee] Tim Mills had the opportunity with the instant replay to go back and overturn it, and he still didn’t overturn it. I just followed up and luckily the new commissioner said ‘oh yeah, I’ll give it a look.'”

While he doesn’t get a win with the overturn, Skelly explained to Luke Thomas why it was important for him, especially as a grappler, to have the result overturned.

“I’m pretty excited about it. I think what it does is it does two things for me. For one, I’m a grappler, I’ve never been submitted in competition, I’ve never been submitted in a fight, and I didn’t like that on my record to be honest. Number two, I’m in my last fight in a contract right now, so when you’re re-negotiating it looks better, while I’m 1-1-1, I guess it looks better to not have lost more than you’ve won. I don’t know how much weight that’ll carry, but it means a lot to me.”

Not just for professional reasons to his career but for everything Chas Skelly prides himself on, getting the result overturned by Colorado Athletic Commission is quite important for him.

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