What You Should Know About Christians and Yoga

What You Should Know About Christians and Yoga

People try different kinds of workouts with an aim to lose weight, be fit, and gain self-confidence. However, for those who want to want to have the same perks and have a deeper connection with the Lord at the same time, Christian Yoga is considered a great workout option. People who have been doing yoga for a long period of time are called yogis.Christian Yoga is considered a great workout option. People who have been doing yoga for a long period of time are called yogis. These are the very same people who can already ace long headstand poses and can reflect and meditate while in that equilibrium state.

Yoga is a tradition from the East mostly adopted from the Indian culture. It is all about attaining a balance between the body and the mind and entails a series of complex poses that are meant to be carried out in sync with yoga breathing, i.e. inhaling, exhaling, and pausing in between. It is one of India’s popular contributions to the different cultures across the globe. To date, a lot of yoga variations have already been introduced, though they all use the same posing and breathing technique to attain balance. For the most part, yoga is already considered a platform for meditation. Although Christians and yoga used to be tagged incompatible with each other because of potential conflict of beliefs, the creation of the Christian yoga concept was eventually introduced, and since then, Christians have guiltlessly joined the yoga community without any fear that they might offend their religion and the Holy Trinity.

What is Christian Yoga?

Christian yoga is a special blend of yoga and faith wherein the form of meditation is utilized in trying to unify with God in body, mind, spirit, and soul. These meditations are done through different yoga poses and in every pose, there would be lines and scriptures from the bible that would be interpreted or reflected on.

Those who want to be spiritually healthy can practice Christian yoga – a concept which started by a co-believer of Jesus Christ. The founders of Christian Yoga derived it with a belief that yoga can be a great way to build a connection and strengthened relationship with the Lord. Because of this principle, Christian yogis do yoga while abiding by the scriptures and the Holy Book at the same time. They perform yoga poses while praying and believing in God.

Although the concept is quite hard to absorb, Christians who were able to try it had concluded that the judgments and unnecessary were so different from the reality. Practicing Christian yoga helped them attain a state of equilibrium between their body and mind, helping them meditate and connect with the Lord better and deeper.

Being a Christian Yoga Follower

Christian Yoga is a concept specially designed to facilitate the spreading of God’s words and inviting Christians to join in the ministry. It is one of those faith-based yoga concepts with the desire to come full circle with the Savior who is also the Creator. Legit Christian Yoga instructors are offering full-packed series of trainings for Christians who want to strengthen their Christian faith and the non-Christians who want to enjoy yoga and learn from the concepts, principles, and beliefs of Christianity. A variety of Christian Yoga classes with different hour duration are now available even online. Ranging from 100 to 300 hours, these courses will qualify a Christian yoga follower to become a certified Christian Yoga instructor once he or she has completed the course. That said, those who will be able to reach until the last day of their courses will automatically be qualified to create their own Christian Yoga school and teach the workout to their circles and locality.

Your Christian yoga class conductor will also keep you up to date about the new developments and Christian yoga trainings. To become a believer of Christian yoga is a choice but it will be the best choice Christians will make if they want to lose weight and be closer to God by exercising their Christian faith at the same time. Nonetheless, as previously mentioned, even the non-Christians are welcome to join in the training. In fact, such an amazing union of people with different beliefs is already happening at present.

The Christian Yoga Trainings

Various organizations in the United States like Yoga Faith are now offering a variety of trainings that interested people can enroll in. They are working based on the belief that all Christian yoga trainers and teachers are great instruments in spreading Christian beliefs and faith to the country and to the rest of the world.

The 100-hour Christian Yoga Training. All new joiners of Christian Yoga will be required to enroll in this beginner class. If you are interested but you are too busy, don’t fret. You can train at the comfort of your own home, conveniently as such organizations also conduct trainings online through distance education modules and videos. Once the 100-hour training is completed, you will be instantly issued a certificate as proof of your practice and training.

The 200-hour Christian Yoga Training. This course can serve as your bridge to becoming a registered Christian Yoga instructor and be qualified to conduct your own Christian Yoga class. However, this needs personal appearance in actual trainings and classes to test your commitment to the venture.

The 300-hour Christian Yoga Training. This 300-hour training will make you a qualified and certified Christian yoga trainer upon completion. You will also be issued the complete Christian yoga training materials. But of course, personal appearance to classes is also a strict requirement.

The most advanced course you can enroll in is the 500-hour master teachers class where four masters class modules have to be completed physically. On top of this, an elective class is also required: either trauma, children, or addiction.

Is Christian Yoga Training Expensive?

Organizations like Yoga Faith which conduct such Christian Yoga classes are nonprofit. Whatever money they make from the trainings are to be used in strengthening the ministry and rescuing victims of sex and human trafficking. It is vital to remember that Christian yoga is driven by its vision and mission to unify the people with the Lord. The leaders are likewise living as disciples to strengthen Christian Faith.

To realize such great causes, yoga training fees are quite costly but they can be affordable too. If you are very interested in enrolling in a Christian Yoga class but you do not have the money for it, you can apply for scholarships that will sponsor the training costs for you.

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