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Chas Skelly’s controversial loss to Bobby Moffett overturned to no-contest by Colorado commission

Chas Skelly no longer has a loss to Bobby Moffett on his record.

Back at UFC Fight Night 139 in November of 2018, which was the UFC‘s 25th-anniversary show in Denver, Skelly was taking on Moffett in an intriguing featherweight bout.

In the fight, Moffett has Skelly’s neck going for a submission. Yet, Skelly never went out or didn’t tap but the ref called the fight.

Now, two years later, the 35-year-old revealed the fight was overturned to a no-contest.

“My fight against Bobby Moffett got overturned to a “No Contest”! Thank you to the Colorado Athletic Commission for giving me a fair shake! That was the right call,” Skelly tweeted.

Chas Skelly also took to social media to show the letter the Colorado Commission provided him explaining why they decided to overturn the ruling.

“In reviewing the bout video in its entirety, as well as the video submitted by you, I have concluded that the mechanics of the referee helped in creating an untimely stoppage of the fight, which resulted in an incorrect decision being rendered in this bout,” Tony Cummings wrote.While I find no malice in the referee’s actions in this situation, it is my opinion that the view of the fight ending sequence showed that a proper defense was being employed and that as such, the sequence should have been allowed to play itself out. There was no indication that the submission attempt resulted in you verbally submitting or being rendered unconscious.

“Because there was no indication of a verbal or physical submission, nor any indication you were rendered unconscious, and that the referee’s mechanics contributed to the untimely stoppage of the bout, this bout will be overturned to a “no contest”. The results of this appeal will be sent to the appropriate record keeping data bases for recording.”

It is no doubt a massive relief for Skelly who is now 18-3 and one no-contest.

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