Miranda Barber

Photo Credits: BYB Extreme / Gerardo Ramos / Steven Rothman

Miranda Barber sees “very strategic fight” vs Jozette Cotton at BYB 12

Miranda Barber and Jozette Cotton clash for the BYB Extreme super welterweight title and Police Gazette world diamond belt at BYB 12: London Brawl on October 16th.

Barber appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts and touched on several subjects before this historic fight. Excerpts from our conversation are below.

Miranda Barber

Many similarities existing between Barber and Cotton heading into this bout

“Yeah I mean it’s going to be pretty interesting where the hands are gonna go. I think it’s going to be a very strategic fight, to be honest. I’m excited for it to kind of challenge me and test me. Jozette has some experience and I’m always ready to learn. I don’t want handed fights. Want to earn my fights and I think Jozette is going to put on a show. I wish her a healthy camp and I’m ready to just get this shit going in London, man. I’m excited.”

BYB 12

Two belts being on the line for this bout and the importance of that to Barber

“I mean it’s definitely climbing the ladder per se like in the business side of things. But also it is a very big accomplishment for me. My goal is to have a belt in Boxing, MMA, and in bare-knuckle. I would love to have a belt in all three. Have a belt for XFN in my amateur (MMA) career and I plan to continue to do the same. I’m going to ride this bare-knuckle wave and see where the opportunities lead. There’s definitely more opportunity in boxing now rather than MMA as far as getting fights as active. So like I said, wherever the opportunities lie, I’m going take them.”

“I definitely want to get back in the cage. I’m very hungry for the cage again. So I’m trying to lock something down for January. But I’ll be with BYB, man, until we get it done and I feel like I really got to go for this belt this fight, man. This is going to be a huge opportunity for me to put myself on the map and I believe I’m ready. I’ve stayed active all year, I’ve had very tough fights. So another set of rounds is going to be like that little end cap of the year, man. To really keep my winning streak going. So that’s the goal, bring it home.”

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