Carlos Guerra

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Carlos Guerra looks to make history at BYB 12

Carlos Guerra tests skills against Seth Shaffer for the BYB Extreme welterweight and Police Gazette world diamond belts at BYB 12: London Brawl on October 16th.

Guerra appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts, through the aid of an interpreter, and touched on several subjects throughout our conversation. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Carlos Guerra

Thoughts on Shaffer’s last win inside the BYB Trigon over Toby Misech

“He’s saying that he never looks at any video of his opponents. That he leaves that to the coaches. The coaches did see Seth’s fights and they’re preparing him with a strategy. That’s why they’re giving him the taller leaner fighter, faster; because of Seth. He trusts in his coaches and Jeremiah and the coaches down in Mexico. That they’re going to guide him in the right direction and he’s ready to show it in the Trigon. No disrespect to Seth. He said that he doesn’t look at video on any of his opponents.”

BYB 12

The feelings associated with two coveted belts being on the line here (Police Gazette world diamond belt and BYB gold)

“He was saying that when he heard that it was for both belts and one of them being the Police Gazette, that he was very excited. That the opportunity to fight for any belt is important. But to fight for the first BYB welterweight championship and to fight for the Police Gazette is very very important. Very special to him. I reminded him that Paty Juarez is the first Mexican to win the Police Gazette belt. But he would be the first Mexican male, born in Mexico to win that title (Police Gazette) should he beat Seth in London.”

Parting thoughts for Carlos Guerra

“He’s saying thank you for the interview. He’s saying that he’s ready for war and he’s willing to leave it all in there. Representing Mexico and BYB. He thanks his coaches…. Thanks his father who’s part of his team and Jeremiah Rodriguez who’s his coach up here in Miami. He’s excited and he’s going to bring it. He’s going to leave everything in the Trigon come the sixteenth of October and he’s ready for it.”

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