Paty Juarez

Photo credits: BYB Extreme/ Gerardo Ramos/ Steven Rothman

Paty Juarez on BYB X, collecting Lightweight titles, and More

Paty Juarez defended her BYB Extreme lightweight world title and captured Police Gazette 135-pound gold against Monica Medina at BYB X: Biloxi Brawl.

Juarez came on Bowks Talking Bouts to cover several subjects, through an interpreter, after this win. Excerpts from our chat can be found below.

Paty Juarez

Thoughts on her bare-knuckle boxing run and being a defending world champion in less than a year

“This experience has been a lot for her. Each time that she fights, she’s learning something new. She’s learning to overcome and evolve from these fights.”

Juarez’s last gloved boxing bout being in December 2019 and if it’s bare-knuckle from here on out

“She enjoys both equally. But she does enjoy bare-knuckle a bit more. She’s open to any new experiences. Whether glove on or bare-knuckle.”

Why Paty Juarez enjoys bare-knuckle a bit more than gloved boxing

“She feels more flexible. More free with her style. She does not have the restraint of the gloves. Feels more flexible and more agile.”

How a bare-knuckle boxing camp differs from preparing for a Queensberry Rules fight

“There is a difference when she does train. What she does is she does throw some punches with just bandages on her knuckles. So she can get the sense of it just hitting it on a punching bag.”


The family legacy of Juarez champions (Lourdes and Barbie aka Mariana) and their thoughts on Paty’s BYB championship efforts

“At the point where she is right now, she does get a lot of support and love from her family and everyone who comes to watch her.”

If a rematch with Monica Medina is in the cards after their closely-contested first fight

“She does say that there is already a pact on doing the rematch and it is set around September.”

The broader scope of 2022 and the ideal strength of schedule Juarez wants

“She says that the Winter for her is fine and she’s just ready to fight.”

Parting thoughts for Paty Juarez

“She says that that belt is hers and she won’t stand down and (will) defend that belt. Because it is hers and it is going to stay with her. No matter who or what comes for her.”

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