Jozette Cotton

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Jozette Cotton “across from another dog” at BYB 12

Jozette Cotton and Miranda Barber clash for the BYB Extreme super welterweight title and Police Gazette world diamond belt at BYB 12: London Brawl on October 16th.

Cotton appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts and she touched on several subjects before this historic fight. Excerpts from our conversation are below.

Jozette Cotton

Thoughts on opponent Miranda Barber leading into this London clash for championships belts

“I had to watch her because when I fought (Cha)tiqua (Hemingway), she fought her. So I already had a lot of tape on her already. Then when we was talking about the title fight again, she was fighting (Sonya) Dreiling… So yeah, I watched their fight. So yeah, I’m very aware of what she does. Looked at enough, seen enough. She’s coming to fight. It’s no Erin Toughill. It’s no me and Erin Toughill. She’s coming to fight me so I’m very excited. One thing about me is I’m a fighter. When I get to stand in there with somebody that may not beat me but that’s the same me.”

BYB 12

“Over there and we’re coming to impose ourself on somebody. Show somebody, let them feel us. I’m excited for that because that is what brings out the best of anybody. Being tested and somebody pushing you. It’s hard to fight by yourself, it really sucks. To be in the ring with somebody and be in there by yourself, that’s annoying. But I know this one, I’m going to be not across from myself of course but I’m going to be across from another dog. We gonna see who want it more for this belt and I’m super excited about that.”

Parting thoughts for Jozette Cotton

“I appreciate you for taking some time out. To get to know us, talk about the upcoming fight. You know this is something that the fans, they get to experience you. Me through you.”

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