Miyuu Yamamoto

Photo credit to Sachiko Hotaka

Miyuu Yamamoto on Saori Oshima fight “She asked Rizin to fight with me”

Miyuu Yamamoto tests skills with Saori Oshima at Rizin 36 on July 2nd. This mixed martial arts contest transpires at Okinawa Arena in Okinawa, Japan.

I spoke with Yamamoto ahead of this consequential clash as she returned to Bowks Talking Bouts as a guest.

Miyuu Yamamoto

Yamamoto’s students and training partners studying her upcoming opponent Saori Oshima in this high-stakes super atomweight bout

“They all watch her fight. They study and analyze for me. It’s very good. Very focused on the fight. The game plan that they’ve analyzed very well. So I’m very thankful to my team.”

Working with Itsuki Hirata at Krazy Bee and the specific work localized to this camp

“Oh yes, she is helping me a lot this time. Because my opponent is a Judo girl and she is good at grappling. At Krazy Bee, she is a perfect fit. She does Judo and grappling very well and she is the best training partner so far. Then she’s my coach too, she’s coaching me. I’m thinking that she’s going to be one of my corners.”

Training amendments with elbows being relatively recently integrated into the Rizin ruleset

“On the ground and I have to hit the face with my elbow. So I’ve never done that. So was a very good experience and good training, yeah. I don’t want to get hit but I like to elbow, yeah.”

If Oshima will be good opposition to test her overall mixed martial arts skills against

“Yes, everything. My striking and even the bottom too. I’m not going to give any chance to submit me. Actually yesterday I had an interview with Rizin and I didn’t know she asked Rizin to fight with me. So I was like oh, she asked them for the fight first. Ok, I thought like you know Rizin decided it. But she asked them and when I heard that she asked them, I was like ok, I’m very honored. Very flattered, I’ve got this, you know. It’s more like I’m excited.”

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