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Movsar Evloev

Movsar Evloev remains undefeated, dominates Hakeem Dawodu at UFC 263

Movsar Evloev vs Hakeem Dawodu

In a featherweight matchup, Movsar Evloev put his undefeated record on the line when he faced “Mean” Hakeem Dawodu.

Dawodu has a lone loss to his resume that came in his UFC debut. Since then, he’s gone on a 5 fight win streak with his last win coming via decision against Zubaira Tukhugov. He was supposed to face Shane Burgos in January but Dawodu had to pull out of their bout due to a shoulder injury.

Evloev, undefeated in his mixed martial arts career was dominant in his run with M-1 before he made the move to the UFC. Since signing under the banner, he’s won four decisions handily and looks to keep his streak alive against Hakeem Dawodu.

Here’s how the featherweight bout between Movsar Evloev and Hakeem Dawodu went down at UFC 263, including round-by-round scoring. For full results of the event, check them out right here.

Round 1: Dawodu is pressing forward early. He puts his jab out, and Evloev lands a thudding overhand right. The fighters trade jabs, briefly. Evloev lands a left hook to Dawodu’s leg kick. Evloev is utilizing his lateral footwork to keep Dawodu guessing and switches levels for a successful takedown. He scores the takedown but Dawodu bounces back to his feet immediately. Evloev gets a grip on Dawodu and scores a heavy slam and goes to work from the back position, looking for a submission. Dawodu does a good job fending it off as Evloev continues to work. Evloev switches to throwing punches to create openings. With 30 seconds left in the round, Evloev lets go to create a last second scramble.

MyMMANews scores round 1 for Movsar Evloev. 10-9

Round 2: Evloev wastes no time to score another takedown. He easily works his way to Dawodu’s back and gets to work to advance positions. Evloev attempts to transition to mount but scrambles back to the previous position, riding Dawodu’s back, Evolve is actively looking for a submission while peppering Dawodu from behind. Evloev switches to punches as they become more effective. The majority of this round stayed on the ground with Evloev with back control and dominating the entire round.

MyMMANews scores round 2 for Movsar Evloev. 10-9

Round 3: Dawodu starts this round looking for a head kick early that is blocked. Evloev returns fire with several punches. Dawodu is picking his punches from a distance, looking to keep Evloev as far on the outside as possible. Evloev dives in to take this round to the ground and is stuffed. The fighters trade jabs with Dawodu landing the more efficient of the two. The last half of this round has turned into a kickboxing match, with both fighters trading their respective shots in the center of the cage. Evloev throws bursts of punches as Dawodu picks up the pace, switching beautifully between his punches and kicks. A stiff jab wobbles Evloev in the closing minute and the fans go crazy. Evloev quickly changes levels to avoid any punishment and hopes to steal the round in the closing moments.

MyMMANews scores round 3 for Movsar Evloev. 10-9

Official result: Movsar Evloev defeats Hakeem Dawodu via unanimous decision.
(29-27) (29-27) (29-27)

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