Social Gloves Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall results

Social Gloves results: Austin McBroom puts away Bryce Hall in three

Austin McBroom battered Bryce Hall for four rounds before stopping Bryce Hall via TKO in the third at Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms on Saturday, June 12.

Social Gloves Preview

Worlds collide as some of the most popular social media influencers clash in the boxing ring at Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms on Saturday, June 12.

Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms brings boxing, music, esports, fashion, and NFTs together for a unique pop culture live entertainment and PPV Livestream. #SocialGloves will feature a boxing competition between the world’s biggest social media stars with a music festival featuring today’s hottest Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B artists, including DJ Khaled, Lil Baby, and Migos, International Boxing Hall of Fame ring announcer Michael Buffer is also set to announce the culminating event.

Austin McBroom, founder of The ACE Family, is squaring off against TikTok star and teen idol Bryce Hall. The fight card will also feature matches with AnEsonGib, DDG, Deji, FaZe Jarvis, Michael Le, Nate Wyatt, Ryland Storms, Tanner Fox, Tayler Holder, Vinnie Hacker, and more.

Headlining the exhibition boxing event is a match between Youtube star Austin McBroom and Tiktoker Bryce Hall. In the co-main event, Youtuber Aneson Gib meets Tiktoker Tayler Holder.

McBroom come sin with no boxing experience, but is an athlete in his own right. He played Division basketball for Saint Louis University. Hall is also new to boxing, but has experience in combat sports as a former high school wrestler.

Both men will be tested in the ring.

Gib makes his return to the ring since suffering a first-round TKO loss to Youtube sensation Jake Paul in January 2020. Holder is yet to compete inside the ring, but has stated he’s been training for the last five years.

Ryan Johnston vs. Cale Saurage

Off to a great start, fighters are wearing headgear, but not boxing headgear, wrestling headgear. Johnston looks more comfortable in the first round. Saurage is throwing more recklessly, but lands some hooks with the 16 oz. gloves.  Saurage is looking for the knockout in the first two rounds. Johnston makes Saurage retreat, referee steps in for a 10-count. Saurage argues the decision for the 10 count.

Johnston is bleeding from his nose. Johnston finding his rhythm. Johnston unloads on Saurage referee steps in for a 10 count. Looks like Johnston is up going into round five.

Saurage looks exhausted. Johnston pours on the intensity, stalks Saurage. Referee steps in and ends this one.

Landon McBroom vs. Ben Azelart

Azelart tapping punches and McBroom putting together combinations. Azelart is rocked and against the ropes, referee steps in for 10 count. Azelart answers. Azelart lands a jab, but eats two hooks from McBroom. McBroom looking for the big punches at the end of round one.

Azelart turns his back. Azelart gets his hands going, but McBroom answers with a barrage. Referee come sin for a 10-count, Azelart answers. McBroom attacks Azelart and lands a right cross and the referee jumps in and calls it off.

Faze Jarvis vs. Michael Le

Both men brawl at the start. Jarvis landing the cleaner strikes. Jarvis lets his hands go and ref steps in for 10 count. Le answers. Jarvis finding a home for the right cross. Le looking tired early on. Jarvis pours it on and the referee steps in for the 10 count at the end of round one.

Jarvis comes forward. Jarvis lands a right hand and puts Le to the canvas. This one is over.

DDG vs. Nate Wyatt

DDG being more of the aggressor early on in round one. Nate Wyatt turns his back. DDG is moving his head well, looks more comfortable. Wyatt takes a overhand right from DDG. DDG takes rounds one.

DDG relying on his jab, setting up his punches for the most part. Wyatt takes another overhand right from DDG. Wyatt taking punishment in round two. DDG chases Wyatt with an overhand right. Wyatt is down two rounds.

DDG hurts Wyatt, referee steps in for 10-count. Wyatt protests, still answers the count. DDG lands a overhand right again. DDG finding a home for the overhand right. Wyatt ducks a lot and it causes DDG to tie up. Wyatt fires a left hand. Both men look tired. DDG is up three rounds on my card.

Wyatt is a little more active in round four. DDG is still being busy. Both men look gassed here. DDG lands a right to the body. Looks like DDG is up four going into the final round.

Both keep tying up often. DDG lands a overhand right off the tie up. Wyatt complaining about shots to the back of the head, but Wyatt keeps turning his body into DDG. DDG eats a right uppercut and a left hand. DDD finishes strong. First decision of the night. Dominant performance for the Youtuber.

Vinnie Hacker vs. Deji

Hacker throws immediately. Deji land an uppercut right away. Hacker is throwing straight punches, but Deji comes forward with power. Deji throwing a lot of power. Deji controlling the fight. Hacker answer back with two hooks of his own. Both men throw, Hacker slips into the ropes at the end of the opening round. Deji up one here.

Deji comes out fast, lands an overhand right. Hacker throwing right back. Deji landing more though. Deji lands a jab. Hacker stuns Deji. Hacker is keeping his hands up. Deji lands a left hand. Hacker using the jab well. I give that round to Hacker, tied up at one.

Round starts and Deji backs up and takes a knee. Very odd scene right there. Hacker landing shot to the body and the referee steps in for 10 count. hacker unloads on Deji and it’s over. Hacker with the upset win.

Tayler Holder vs. An Eson Gib

Both men trade jabs early. Gib is more active, hall being patient. Gib mixing his punches well, going low and high. Holder eats a jab and misses the overhand right. Holder doing good job of keeping his defense up. Gib is throwing more, but Holder being patient still. Holder counters with a left hand. First round goes to Gib.

Gib is using same strategy, very active. Holder looking to do more here. Holder counters. Gib lands a jab, warned by referee after late hit in the clinch. Holder is on the outside. Holder lands a jab to the body. Gib continues to come forward. Holder is being conservative, slow start. I give round two to Gib.

Holder lands a jab and cross. Holder counters nicely. Gib keeps pushing the pace here. Gibs till mixing up his punches well. Gib is going to the body. Gib is up three rounds on my cards.

Gib still controlling early in round four. Gib landing more often. Holder being more active here, but Gib is outworking Holder. Gib lands a solid uppercut off the clinch. Gib lands a left hook, followed by a right hook. Gib is up four going into the fifth.

Gib’s cardio is on point. Gib still pushing the pace, has Holder on the outside. Holder never got going. Gib redeems his loss to Jake Paul. Gib dominates Holder for five rounds. Fight is ruled a draw, both fighters look shocked. Scorers were [49-46, 49-46, 50-46], but the announcer [Fousey[ never said what fighter earned what score.

Austin McBroom vs. Bryce Hall

McBroom fires off the jab early. mcBroom finding his range with the jab. Fighters clinch and McBroom lands a late jab. Referee warns McBroom. McBroom landing the better punches. Hall tries to clinch, gets point taken away. McBroom lands a solid left hand. McBroom takes round one. Not looking good for Hall, especially after having a point taken away.

McBroom pops the jab again. Hall goes to body, McBroom lands a hook. Both men swinging. Hall’s head snaps back, McBroom teeing off here. Fighters clinch and Hall takes a late shot on McBroom. Referee warns him. Hall’s nose is bleeding. McBroom lands some punches and referee calls for a 10-count. Hall answers at the bell.

Both men land hooks, but McBroom getting the cleaner shots. McBroom is consistent with the jab. McBrook lets his hands go. Referee steps in for the 10 count. McBroom lands an upper cut. McBroom swarms Hall. hall taking a barrage of punches and this one is called off by the referee. McBroom stops Hall in round three.

Social Gloves Main Card 8 p.m. ET [LiveXLive]

Official decision: Austin McBroom def. Bryce Hall by TKO at 0:45 in round three

Official decision: An Eson Gib and Tayler Holder ruled a majority draw.

Official decision: Vinnie Hacker def. Deji by TKO at 0:44 in round three.

Official decision: DDG def. Nate Wyatt by unanimous decision [50-44, 49-45, 50-43].

Official decision: Faze Jarvis def. Michael Le by knockout at 1:42 in round two.

Preliminary Card 7 p.m. ET [LiveXLive]

Official decision: Landon McBroom def. Ben Azelart by TKO in round two.

Official decision: Ryan Johnston def. Cale Saurage by TKO in round five.

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