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Neal Anderson on Brandon Jenkins fight at Unified MMA 46

Neal Anderson on Brandon Jenkins fight at Unified MMA 46

Neal Anderson tests skills with Brandon Jenkins at Unified MMA 46 on September 23rd.

Anderson once again appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts and multiple topics were touched upon in the chat. Excerpts from our conversation are below.

Neal Anderson

Shaved Bears MMA having an active summer for sparring when that can be difficult amid the season

“Yeah, I was thinking about that yesterday. We’re pretty lucky, especially for Unified. Because there’s always a handful of us, it seems like, fighting on the Unified cards. You know the gym there will be at least a few people there. Because you’re not the only one fighting… I don’t know, I don’t want to say we take it for granted but it’s definitely an advantage I think, a little bit. Having a promotion that puts several guys from our gym and girls too on the same card. But yeah, just in general summertime is harder to find people to train with. It’s really hot in the gym too right.”

Unified MMA 46

Overall thoughts on his opponent Brandon Jenkins who has fought for UFC and PFL

“Yeah, it’s a big test for sure. Yeah, it’s going to be a tough fight. He made it to the UFC, right. You don’t make it to the UFC unless you’re good. I think his record is 15-9 I think. So that’s like 24 pro fights. Anyone with twenty-four pro fights with a winning record, made it to the UFC, and he trains at Syndicate. Which is one of the more major I would say gyms down in Vegas that like feeds guys to the UFC. He made it to the UFC and he’s going to be training with UFC guys pretty much every training session. He’s going to be probably the best guy I’ve ever fought.”

“I’m training as if he’s the best guy I ever fought because I think I’d be stupid not to. Looks like he prefers to strike. You don’t get that many fights and get that far unless you’re well-rounded. So I’m preparing to fight everywhere against a guy who’s good everywhere.”

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