Netherlands MMA Federation Joins IMMAF

Netherlands MMA Federation Joins IMMAF

The IMMAF adds another big federation to their ranks as the Netherlands formed a brand new MMA federation under the the organization’s guise.

The Netherlands are known better for their kickboxing and the new MMA federation only adds to their commitment to expand in all martial arts.

The newly appointed board director of the Netherland’s new federation, Van Der Vlugt is excited to start growing the sport of mixed martial arts in a country that already has a love for combat sports.

“MMA is starting to get traction but lacks structure, hence my application to start a national federation under IMMAF in the Netherlands. Events should be structured correctly, and coaches require universal processes and the tools to teach their students. Our first step is to establish relationships with all Dutch MMA clubs in order to openly share and discuss our vision for good governance with all involved.”

The IMMAF president, Kerrith Brown, is also excited for the potential that the Netherlands brings to amateur MMA and is optimistic about the Netherlands joining the IMMAF.

“With the Netherlands renowned as a hotbed for combat sports talent in Europe, IMMAF is excited to see the establishment of a national federation in the Netherlands to safeguard the development of the sport of MMA as it continues to grow in popularity in the country. The nation’s participation in IMMAF Championships can be anticipated to bring another dimension to the striking aspect of the game and present some interesting challenges to wrestling’s current dominance across our divisions.”

The Growing IMMAF

IMMAF adds yet another country to it’s ranks in it’s goal for Olympic recognition. In 2020, the orginization has added countries like Bolivia, Kosovia, and more to it’s countries of operation.

The IMMAF is constantly trying to grow globally and back the Olympics into a corner and almost force their hands into admitting mixed martial arts as an Olympic sport.

Stay posted to My MMA News on the IMMAF’s goal of Olympic recognition. Thanks for reading!

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