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Bolivia Joins IMMAF In South American Expansion

Another country has joined the IMMAF. This time, Bolivia is the newest country to join the organization’s ranks. The Bolivian Mixed Martial Arts Federation (BMMAF) announced today that they are adopting the IMMAF’s rules. The Bolivian signing puts the number of countries recognized by the government over 40 for the IMMAF.

The BMMAF has stated it’s amateur MMA priorities are as follows:

· Establish a national amateur championship and introduce a talent pathway for young athletes.

· Introduce national members to educational opportunities and certification pathways for coaches, referees and judges.

· Develop the grass roots participation of MMA in the country.

· Collaborate with neighbouring countries in the development of the sport.

Kerrith Brown has stated that the addition of Bolivia to the IMMAF only bolsters their international championships when they return to action.

“The IMMAF family continues to grow, despite the challenges faced by global sport at present. With representation of 110 nations, over 40 of whom are formally recognised by their national authorities, and with further applications in process, we look forward to welcoming new national teams and delegates to our expanded family at IMMAF’s next international Championships.”

IMMAF and continued growth

Bolivia is the latest addition to the IMMAF’s profile. Recently, Kosovo joined the organization but Bolivia adds more of a presence in South America where mixed martial arts is so popular.

The main goal of the IMMAF is to achieve Olympic recognition for amateur MMA. While it is a long mission, the organization is adamant they will be able to achieve their goal.

Recently, the IMMAF was set back when the GAISF rejected their application for global recognition again. The organization is still fighting for a fair chance at recognition for the Olympics.

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