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Newly crowned CFFC champion Aaron Jeffery talks training and his future

Interview with Aaron Jeffery above

Aaron Jeffery is coming off his Cage Fury Fighting Championships middleweight title win over Collin Huckbody. Jeffery won vis unanimous decision to make it four wins in a row and have that shiny CFFC title wrapped around his waist. The past few years have been troublesome for many fighters, with the coronavirus halting many of the regional events. Jeffery, who is looking for a big-time shot with one of the top promotions had an especially hard time finding the fights to get him there amid the global pandemic.

“When this all first happened too I had had two recent canceled fights leading up to the whole COVID thing,” Jeffery said. “So I had a fight canceled in November and I had a fight canceled at the end of January and the all the lockdowns happened in March. I’m too old, I’ve had too many fights canceled, I haven’t really been active in my career so I was considering that maybe this is the end. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something. Then a few months later I was lucky enough to get a fight offered down in Miami so it all worked out.”

Jeffery trains constantly and consistently in order to make his dream of fighting in one of the world’s top promotions a reality. Even having to travel from Canada where he lives and trains, to the U.S dealing with quarantines and COVID protocols just so he can get to the fights. Things seem to be headed in the right direction, now that he has some traction stemming from his recent title win. Jeffery is hoping that the next fight call is the big one he is waiting for.

“Honestly, I would say UFC for the next fight would be ideal,” Jeffery said. “Then fighting two, three, four times a year for five years and making some decent money and making a name for myself. Now since all this McGregor era has started, that’s a big thing, right?” Jeffery explained. “It’s not just skilled and winning fights and having a good record. A lot of it’s like sh-t talking and social media presence. Funny enough I have a gimmick now with the mullet that everybody has been latching on to so I guess I found my niche.”

Although he is currently on a two-week quarantine due to travels around his last fight, Jeffery is still training. He will be ready to fill in on short notice if need be.

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