Gain More Muscle And Lose Fat

Effective Ways Aspiring Mixed Martial Artists Can Gain More Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time

A funny way would be to say, “the cocktail of martial arts”. Mixed martial arts is the combat sport that permits contestants to use a blend of fighting styles in boxing and wrestling and martial arts styles such as Judo, kickboxing, and Karate.

A mixed martial artist is a person who participates in mixed martial arts.

As a sport, mixed martial art is heavy on weight as contestants compete against others in the same weight class, where no competitor uses his weight as an advantage against another. The table below shows the different standard unified weight classes adopted by various contact sports like boxing and mixed martial arts.

Gain More Muscle And Lose Fat


Weight class Weight
Strawweight Up to and including 115 lbs.
Flyweight Over 115 to 125 lbs.
Bantamweight Over 125 to 135 lbs.
Featherweight Over 135 to 145 lbs.
Lightweight Over 145 to 155 lbs.
Super lightweight Over 155 to 165 lbs.
Welterweight Over 165 to 170 lbs.
Super welterweight Over 170 to 175 lbs.
Middleweight Over 175 to 185 lbs.
Super middleweight Over 185 to 195 lbs.
Light Heavyweight Over 195 to 205 lbs.
Cruiserweight Over 205 to 225 lbs.
Heavyweight Over 225 to 265 lbs.
Super Heavyweight Over 265 lbs.

Due to the emphasis on weight, contestants are faced with maintaining their weight class unless they decide to change courses. Because regular exercise causes mass muscle growth and subsequently weight, how do professional MMA contestants do this?


How To Burn Fat And Build Muscle Like A Pro Mma Contestant

Losing fat and gaining muscle while maintaining weight can be a tricky task to perform. Bear in mind that building lean muscle is attainable, as it’s accurately called. Anyone can achieve it as long as there’s proper planning, commitment and most importantly, consistency. Perhaps you have made several attempts and given up. These few tricks should help you.

Change Your Diet

Like any other athlete, many mixed martial artists are heavy on eating clean, which indicates abstaining from junk and processed food as much as you can.

Instead, eat food like broccoli, sweet potatoes, salmon, oatmeal, greek yoghurt, shrimp, tuna, lean beef, eggs, bananas, avocado, soybean, cheese, and healthy fat.

An emphasis laid on drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and help with blood flow for muscle building. Include supplements in your diet such as  YK 11 which is known to inhibit myostatin, making it a perfect supplement to help you grow more muscle quickly.


Stop Lifting Weights

Yes, weights add to muscle mass and ultimately make you bigger. So if your goal is to stay in shape and look like a mixed martial artist, then act like one, or better still become one.


Take Karate Classes

Karate is the best martial arts form for those aiming for a full-body workout. One good thing about Karate is that you get to spend less time in the gym than regular workout programs.

Karate offers many excellent exercises for fitness.

Karate is a very aerobic activity that allows you to use virtually all of your muscle groups in your body. Through the practice of Karate, you will improve in stamina, endurance, muscle tone, flexibility, sense of balance and overall strength.


Take Kung-fu Classes

When people hear Kung Fu, they think of a fast-paced, highly energetic form of mixed martial involving high kicks and acrobatic moves that make for a good leg workout. 

However, many forms of Kung Fu are considered to be low impact.

An example of a soft style of Kung Fu would be Tai Chi Chuan, which is a type of internal Kung Fu. Other classical internal styles are Bagua Zhang and Xing Yi Quan. Especially renowned for their high health benefits, these arts are prevalent worldwide for that reason.

Besides, many arts offer exercise for flexibility and condition and strengthen different body areas.


Take Judo Classes


Judo training is an ideal type of physical exercise and provides a splendid cardiovascular workout. It enhances general health, stamina and overall fitness.

Physical strength also increases directly as a result of the ability to control movement and gain power; a Judo player will also gain flexibility. The same reason will enhance the posture, muscle tone and balance of a player.

Physical coordination appears to improve dramatically with Judo, while reflexes, along with a person’s mental reaction time, are also enhanced.

Martial arts experts recommend that a person masters one martial arts style before deciding to try the others. So choose carefully before opting and paying for any of the classes. All styles are of immense benefit to the body and muscle growth.

It all comes down to the three things mentioned earlier; proper planning, commitment, and consistency.

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