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Brent Primus: ”My main focus is getting my belt back”

Interview with Brent Primus above

I had the great pleasure of talking to former Bellator Lightweight World Champion Brent Primus.

Primus was an undefeated challenger when he faced former three time Bellator Lightweight Champion Michael Chandler. He was able to win the Lightweight title back in 2017 at Bellator New York over Michael Chandler. My first question was, as the Lightweight division is on hold due to Patricio Pitbull (Current Champion) being in the Semi-Finals of the World Featherweight Grand Prix, are you frustrated about the belt being on hold?

”Yeah a little bit,” Primus said. “Especially since the Grand Prix is taking so long and if he doesn’t want to defend the Lightweight belt that he should give it up or I would like to fight him.”

Is there anyone specific you would like to fight next?

”I think Patricky Pitbull would be a good fight. We were suppose to fight years ago and something happened and I can’t remember. I just wanna fight someone in the top five so I can get that belt back.

From a fighter’s perspective, what motivates you more coming off of a loss or coming off of a win?

”Definitely a loss man. Right after I lost the belt to Chandler my manager came up to me and asked me if I wanted to fight him again and I said yes let’s do it ASAP but it never happened but definitely a loss that’s for sure.”

You’re one of the bigger guys in the Lightweight division. Could you see yourself moving up the Welterweight?

”My main focus is on getting the belt back.  During Covid I was suppose to fight December 10th and to weeks before it didn’t happen but if I have to I will.”  I think I train harder when I have to make Lightweight and I have to watch everything I eat because I have to cut 30-40 pounds.”

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