Reinier de Ridder

ONE on TNT IV’s Reinier de Ridder discusses Wim Hof and Roy Jones Jr

ONE on TNT IV took place on Wednesday, April 28th. The ONE Championship event emanated from Singapore Indoor Stadium. I spoke with Reinier de Ridder after he claimed the light-heavyweight championship in the ONE on TNT IV Post-Fight Presser.

RDR entered this bout as the ONE middleweight world champion and is now concurrently holding gold in the organization.

I spoke with the dual division ONE Championship kingpin about the importance of methodical breathing techniques to persevering through fights. Plus, the undefeated warrior talked about the consistent fire-up factor of having the entrance theme for your fight being Roy Jones Jr.

I’m just curious because you mentioned the Wim Hof method there and just presumably having a measured control of the cardiovascular framework from that.

I’m curious how much does that inform your composure and endurance in MMA competition?

“It’s one of the most important aspects of my cardio game. So I do the breathwork every day and I use it when I walk out. If you watch back my walkouts, I use the breathwork to get my body ready to go. And then between rounds, I use the breathwork as well to recover. I had the honor to meet Wim a few months ago and I’m very grateful for the stuff he’s put out. For everybody, I would advise everybody to check that out.”

Reinier de Ridder

You mentioned the walkout, how much did the Roy Jones Jr. fire up work out when you were coming out there? Because that was getting me fired up even.

“Yeah, man. I love that song. So I don’t try to play it too much in camp. So it doesn’t get too old. But every match, I play it during the walk. When I’m backstage and I hear it go, I get a little bit excited to go fight.”

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