Patryk Kaczmarczyk

Patryk Kaczmarczyk: KSW’s Rising Featherweight Star

Making your debut on a big stage can be the “make it or break it” point in a fighter’s career. Making it to the ranks of KSW is a huge step toward becoming one of the best in the world.  Patryk Kaczmarczyk made his debut at KSW 60 and earned a unanimous decision victory in his organizational debut. KSW is known for grooming and developing some of Europe’s best fighters. Kaczmarczyk could be next in line to make a run at the featherweight crown.

Finding MMA and Early Career

Typical of most European athletes, soccer is a popular sport in the career of MMA athletes. Being a bit scrappy in his younger days, Kaczmarczyk needed a sport a bit more independent. “Initially, I played football, but after a while, I felt that team sports are not for me. As a young boy, I often had some skirmishes, fights, solos, or whatever you prefer to call them. I also watched all the movies in which there were elements of martial arts admirably like all the Rocky movies, Kickboxer, etc.” Kaczmarczyk told MyMMANews. “With friends, we tried to practice ourselves and we started looking for professional training options. We went to the Taekwondo club in Radom, and to Coach Gierman Anfinogienov.”

Finding Randomski Taekwondo Klub in Random, Poland, was a true turning point in the athletic life of Kaczmarczyk. Under the tutelage of Gierman Anfinogienov and fellow KSW veteran, Albert Odzimkowski, Kaczmarczyk turned his dream of watching combat-sport-themed movies and training with his buddies, into a reality. “Coach Gierman Anfinogienov definitely gave me all the skills and constant desire to develop without restrictions. Also, Albert Odzimkowski helped me a lot. Now a KSW fighter, a senior colleague, who has always offered help and advice on many issues of martial arts,” stated Kaczmarczyk.

KSW and the Bright Future

After a lengthy and successful amateur career, Kaczmarczyk made his professional debut in June 2019. Kaczmarczyk won his first three bouts by unanimous decision. In addition, he continued to develop his game and ended his next three contests all by the finish. After earning the third-round submission victory at the main event of Armia Fight Night 9 in January, Kaczmarczyk received the call from KSW. “For many people, it is a great dream [signing with KSW] and I must admit that sometimes when I think about it I tell myself, wow I’m in KSW but the other part of me keeps saying that this is just the next step on my way and this is the place where I was supposed to be,” said Kaczmarczyk.

In the battle of undefeated prospects, Kaczmarczyk battled Michal Sobiech at KSW 60, defeating his foe by unanimous decision. Sobiech is a dangerous striker with his first three career victories coming by knockout. Kaczmarczyk stuck to his game plan and neutralized the deadly striker. In conclusion, with the frequency of KSW events and the activity rate of Poland’s young star, Kaczmarczyk could find himself near the top of the title picture very soon.

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