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The Most Unbelievable Goals in the History of Premier League

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When it comes to the best Premier League goals that make up the history of football, the competition is pretty stiff. Although It’s hardly possible to narrow down the list of all the spectacular kicks throughout these years, we can try to reflect on some of the goals that were just out of this world.


While classifying the goals that made their way into the history of football it’s hard to define what brings them there. However, what really ties them together is that they are all spectacular and managed to get the crowds talking. Let’s recall some of the best EPL goals and give credits to the scorers of that wonder kicks.

Dennis Bergkamp for Arsenal Against Newcastle (2002)


You can hardly argue about a goal being spectacular if it even has the official status of the best goal of the season. This is exactly the case with Dennis Bergkamp’s clean maneuver and kick in the Arsenal vs Newcastle game back in 2002. Bergkamp seems to know perfectly how to ultimately use every inch and movement in his favor. He saw the ball bouncing and jumped to it controlling every spin and turn of the defender and, thus, sending the ball right to the back of the net. Understanding the physics of the game, he managed to score a brilliant pirouette goal that still holds a decent position among the best goals in EPL history. 

With the goal that is considered Dennis Bergkamp’s, Newcastle became the title challengers of the season.


Wayne Rooney for Manchester United Against Manchester City (2011)


You can’t just write about the most unbelievable goals in EPL history and forget to include Wayne Rooney’s overhead kick for Manchester United in 2011.

Rooney became a household name in English soccer. He gave us some memorable episodes we can now reflect on, and this bicycle kick against Manchester City is definitely among them. Not only the goal was brilliant, but it was also decisive in the Red Devil’s victory as well. It had its impact on winning the 158th edition of the Manchester derby and the Premier League title that season. The kick was so incredible it earned the Goal of the Decade award of the club.

Rooney saw an opportunity as soon as Nani’s cross took a deflection. Then the beautiful bicycle kick was performed, which resulted in the ball flying to the back of the net. Rooney’s career took a huge spike after the performance during the season, and we can clearly see why.


Thierry Henry for Arsenal Against Manchester United (2000)


Leading strikers such as Thierry Henry do not lack the technique and skills to score a stunner. This one against Manchester United by Henry made its way into the history of the best premier league goals. You can clearly see how unexpected and momentous the goal was on Fabien Barthez Face. Henry scored a splendid flick-and-volley to the back of the net and brought victory to the team. Henry was recognized as one of the greatest strikers of all times and often wore the crown of the best foreign player in the Premier League history. He made his title official by winning the Premier League Golden Boot four times and claiming two Premier League titles with the club.

Matt Le Tissier Southampton Against Newcastle United (1993)


Who doesn’t love quick, concise, and just genius strikes that catch both audience and the opponent off guard? Whenever you watch Matt Le Tissier scoring his goals, you can see that he was enjoying the full process from winning the ball to making the final kick. In the course of his football career, Matt Le Tisse was known as one of the most underrated players, who was behind some of the splendid EPL goals.


While making the final kick for Southampton vs Newcastle game he was in control of the whole process. After receiving the ball the attacking midfielder managed to flicker it over the defenders and give us a smooth goal to rave about.


Paolo Di Canio for West Ham United Against Wimbledon (2000)


Another beautiful goal worth recalling was performed by Paolo Di Canio against Wimbledon. It entered the world of football as one of the greatest goals in Wast Ham United’s history. Di Canio described performed a bicycle volley instinctively once he saw the ball arriving. That was a perfect strike with a difficulty of 99 percent. The goalkeeper Neil Sullivan, couldn’t just take away this power kick from football aficionados. Sullivan later commented that the ball flew like a bullet and went right into the far corner. You can hardly get enough of the flying volley—it gets better every time you watch. Thus, the kick has all the right to remain one of the most recognized goals in EPL history after these years.


Alan Shearer for Newcastle United Against Everton (2002)


EPL is rich in impeccable volley’s that are performed by skillful scorers. Among them is definitely the kick by EPL leading-scorer of all times Alan Shearer in the game of Newcastle United against Everton.

Shearer himself admitted that the volley he landed was one in a hundred. Real football enthusiasts know that kicking a volley like that requires decent skills. You know that the kick’s a real success when the goalkeeper doesn’t really have the chance to stop it. This is exactly the case with Shearer’s goal. The strike went 25 yards and ended up into the top corner.


Sergio Aguero for Manchester City Against Queens Park Rangers (2012)


One of the showstoppers of the season back in 2012 was the dramatic goal performed by Sergio Aguero in Manchester City vs. QPR match. This was the goal the Citizens needed the most in the season. Right at the end of the game, Aguero’s stunner resulted in victory with a 3-2 score. The goal ensured the club’s title and Aguero’s fame in the world of football.

Although the goal may not seem difficult or unbelievable from the technical point of view, it certainly changed the course of events for the season. It was pretty dramatic impactful for the club. It was the kick that brought Manchester City their first title in more than 40 years.



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