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Peter Petties – “MMA game is a marathon, not a sprint”

Peter Petties (7-4) will fight on his own turf this coming weekend as he meets Michael McDonald at Shogun Fights 21 in Baltimore.  I caught up with the Maryland native known as “The Joker” ahead of his April 6 fight at Royal Farms Arena.

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You’re fighting in your backyard. Does that add any pressure to you at all?

“No, it doesn’t add any pressure, I don’t get affected by pressure. If anything it makes fight week and everything a lot better. I’ve been on different cards, I’ve traveled for fights and honestly when you are cutting weight and traveling, its actually more of a hassle opposed to adding to the fun. You don’t really get to enjoy the places when you are traveling and cutting weight. Fighting in my backyard is always a plus, not to mention Royal Farms Arena gives you that big arena feel like the UFC gives.”

Some fans may know you from Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series. Despite the outcome, how was the experience?

“The experience was great and I think the outcome was great! I think in western society we harp on our losses as the end all be all. People don’t realize in life and in the MMA game that it is a marathon, not a sprint. My confidence isn’t shaken, I feel on top of the world and feel I have gotten better since then. It was a great experience and I’m hoping with a win here, I will be able to hop back onto the Contender Series for season three.”

What was the process of getting on the show?

“It came out of nowhere for me. I actually was training two times a day and got the call on three weeks notice and it was what it was from there. They can put me in there with anyone and I’m going to fight the same and act the same for every opponent.”

Your opponent is extremely well rounded. Most of his victories come via finish. Because he is so well rounded, how does that affect your game plan?

“Honestly, I don’t go in there with a game plan. I’ve been coined ‘The Joker’ since high school and whenever I compete, there’s a lot of anarchy in there. I have sick thoughts when I’m in that cage. Peter outside of the cage is a great guy but inside the cage there’s something that switches. When it comes to game planning, I’m at a point where my opponents are going to adjust to me.”

In January, a bout was cancelled with Maverick MMA because of some weight cut issues. Can you talk about what impacted the weight cut and how is the weight now?

“That was a weird situation. I was supposed to fight for the 145 title and not too long after we signed the contract, he pulled out saying he was injured. We got a call a week out and my manager asked if I still wanted to fight and said ‘why not?’ I told the promoter that I will cut to see what I can get down to but there’s no promise I’m making 145. I don’t know where the confusion was. I took that fight on that Thursday or Friday and cut down to 153 and somewhere in the PA commission, it got lost in translation. I still wanted to fight and my opponent wanted to go forth but the commission said the fight can go forward but you can’t rehydrate and we are going to fine you 500 dollars. Looking at that from a professional stand point, I’m not going to take that fight.”

Im going to put you on the spot with a few random questions, take as long as you want.

Who is on your Mount Rushmore of MMA?

“Georges St-Pierre

Dominick Cruz

Demetrious Johnson

Urijah Faber”

(Petties texted me later stating that Daniel Cormier is one of his favorites as well)

What is your favorite post weight cut and/or post fight meal?

“Post weight cut is anything I can have right after. Whether its Pedialyte or whatever George Lockhart has on the plan, there is nothing better than that first sip post weight cut.

Post fight is a good ol’ steak or I’m a big fan of Korean BQQ. I love Korean BBQ.”

When you aren’t training or fighting, how do you spend your time?

“As bad as it sounds, I work a lot. I try to keep myself busy. Outside of that, I play a lot of video games, PS4. I play Fortnite and 2K.”

What are your top three MMA fights of all time, regardless of promotion?

“Regardless of promotion, my former teammate Aung La N Sang. He won his first title bout and I know how important that was for him. To see him come through the ranks and finally breakthrough after so long. He never wavered, his heart is crazy.

Outside of that, Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber. All three fights, I love the rivalry.

And you have to put any of Conor McGregor’s fights in there just because of what he did for the sport. I’m not the biggest McGregor fan by his antics but at the same time he’s going to be one of those guys we talk about 50 years from now.”


Where can people find you on social media?

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