Pure FC 9

Pure FC 9 Results: Another Wonderful Show Despite Controversy

Pure FC 9

Pure Fighting Championships returned to the beautiful Wisconsin Center, July 28th, 2018. Full Pure FC 9 results below:

The card was sprinkled with fantastic finishes amongst quality matchups, but there were several fights that stood out. On the pro card Ode “The Jamaican Sensation” Osbourne stepped into the ring while he delighted longtime fans while they serenaded him with chants of his name. He delivered a beautiful triangle choke after several explosive combos. There’s no doubt that he picked up a few more fans and his singing section has grown after last night’s performance.

Martial artists are expected to conduct themselves with sportsmanship and class. Unfortunately, what should have been an impressive kickoff to Jordan Newman’s career has instead turned into a keyboard war over Facebook with both sides hurling heated exchanges, similar to the strikes thrown last night.

Newman and Moody participated in pre-fight, trash-talking banter prior to their fight Saturday night. After several impressive rounds, Newman scored a TKO over Moody in the third. However, it is alleged he continued to not only trash talk but spit on a downed opponent within the ring as well as when Moody was being checked out by cage side medical personnel. Certainly not the behavior you’d expect out of a nationally ranked wrestling champion. Newman has since taken to social media to admit to having high emotions but denies spitting on Moody. He states his mouth guard impeded his speech so it appears that it only appears he spat on Moody. Newman’s teammates have jumped to his defense stating that while he’s passionate he’d never go so far as to spit on someone.

Pure Fighting Championships promoter, Jake Klipp, feels very differently. He has posted the video footage of the alleged incident and has promised Newman will never fight on another Pure FC card due to his lack of sportsmanship. The video is up for viewing; fans are welcome to draw their own conclusions about what really happened. Klipp is well connected within the martial arts world and only time will tell if another promotion wants to take a chance on Newman by offering him another fight. This was a very small stain on an otherwise incredibly well run promotion.


Jonas Flok defeats Chris Blevins via TKO in 1st Rd, at 4:30.

Calyn Hull defeats Jordan Seufzer via RNC in 1st Rd

Ode Osbourne defeats Aurtan Daley via triangle choke in 1st Rd, at 0:44.

Nelly Thompson-Aniakudo defeats Darren Gibbs via unanimous decision

Alex Polizzi defeats Jaquis Williams via RNC (Rear Naked Choke) in 1st Rd, at 1:00.

James Cowan defeats James Clark via unanimous decision

Dante Schiro defeats Mike Adams via guillotine choke in 1st Rd, at 2:17.

Bryan Bautista defeats Feroz Khan via armbar in 1st Rd, at 0:11.


155-pound Title: Andrew Kauzlaric defeats Bobby Oldenburg via choke

125-pound Title: Saul Stevens defeats Cristians San Martin via unanimous decision

Jordan Newman defeats Josh Moody via TKO in 3rd Rd, 0:43.

Nick Klein defeats Rob Van Wormer via unanimous decision

Tyus White defeats Eimar Hernandez via split decision

Taylor Jo Lamonska defeats Carla Edwards via unanimous decision

Krista Bowens defeats Crystalynn Eneida Ortiz via split decision

Jason Alvarez defeats Mike Sarge Lock Jr. via unanimous decision

Peter Kulibert defeats Peter Murphy via TKO in 1st Rd, 0:22.

Bryan Baumgart defeats Oscar Arroyo via unanimous decision

Rodney Yapi defeats Charles Mann via unanimous decision


Isaiah Flores defeats Brayden Broderick via unanimous decision

Gabriel Wanderley defeats Sebastian Rosales via unanimous decision

Nicolas Bontempo defeats Dominic Eliopoulos via split decision

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