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Putin Better Hide! Donald Trump Get’s Honorary Taekwondo Black Belt

Russia is in trouble now. Former president Donald Trump has received an honorary ninth degree black belt in Taekwondo. The award was presented earlier in the week by Lee Dong Seop of the Kukkiwon (World Taekdwondo Headquarters). Now it’s time to book that long awaited bout between Trump as a newly crowned black belt and Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, who holds a black belt in Judo. Though, Putin also has his own honorary ninth degree black belt in Taekwondo that he received in 2013. Anyone down for a super(power) fight?

I will admit, the Trump vs. Putin angle was stolen from my boy, Cerebral Vigilante (a great follow on Twitter, by the way). But it’s just too funny not to share. After all the comparison, friendship, and adversarial moments both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin shared, this martial arts angle is a fun way for the two to settle the beef with honor.

Donald Trump and Combat Sports

Of course, we’ve gone into the topic of Donald Trump and his affinity for combat sports before. That article dates back to 1988 when he promoted Mike Tyson’s fight with Michael Spinks. If you have not read that article yet, I highly recommend you do so. I dove into his history with Tyson, George Foreman, mixed martial arts, and more. I’ve put the article below!

Donald Trump And The Billionaire’s Affinity For Combat Sports

Trump also appeared as a guest commentator on the Vitor Belfort vs. Evander Holyfield card. He and his son, Donald Trump Jr., did alternate commentary for the whole card the entire night which was something to hear. While the commentary isn’t particularly insightful, you can tell that the former president was really into boxing, especially in the late 80’s/early 90’s. There were guest commentators including Jorge Masvidal and Junior Dos Santos.

Don’t expect Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to duke it out on the Tae Soo Do (the name for the mat in Taekwondo). Trump hates to lose, as is evident by the 2020 Presidential Election. But, it’s really cool to see Trump continue his love for combat sports and be recognized by the sanctioning bodies as well.

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