Rampage Jackson and Shannon Briggs

Rampage Jackson and Shannon Briggs on bout plans ahead of Triad Combat

Rampage Jackson and Shannon Briggs helm team MMA and team Boxing, respectively. This leading to the hybrid rules Triad Combat event which features a myriad of punching opportunities and active clinch positions.

Triad Combat goes down on Saturday, November 27th from Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. The Triller Fight Club event also broadcasts live on pay-per-view.

I spoke with Rampage and Briggs at the virtual media day ahead of Triad Combat. Excerpts from our interaction is below.

Rampage Jackson and Shannon Briggs

The initially targeted December 4th date for the Shannon Briggs collision and Rampage’s insights on if there’s an amended timeline for a boxing bout and an MMA fight thereafter

“Shannon (Briggs) and I were originally trying to get something set up for December 4th. But then Shannon had a meeting at the old folks home and they were like, you might want to push that back. Because you have a tour here in December. After I knock his ass out, he’s moving right into the old folks home. Shannon and I started talking to Triller and they got a big promotion going on. It’s very interesting. We entertained it and we like what they’ve got going on.”

Rampage Jackson continued, “So we put our stuff on the side and Shannon wants to go and see the old folks home later. Then after I kick his ass, we do plan on doing an MMA fight. Because Shannon, I have to give him one thing I can respect him on. He’s the only boxer that was man enough to even say that he’s willing to do an MMA fight.”

Triad Combat

Shannon having fought real heavy hitters in the space of boxing like Vitali Klitschko, Ray Mercer, George Foreman, and where Briggs ranks Rampage Jackson’s knockout power and boxing ability in the context of who he has fought

“He’s one of the legend MMA fighters. I’ve watched him for years. Everybody knows him. He comes out with a chain on his neck howling like a fool. Everybody knows him for all this craziness. But he’s exciting, he makes good fights. So exciting that Hollywood called him to play Baracus in A-Team. A famous well-known dude. He hit hard obviously, he knocked a lot of people out. Being that I fought legends like George Foreman, Lennox Lewis, Vitali Klitschko, Ray Mercer. Why not fight somebody that’s a legend in their sport? These guys that I fought are legends. He’s a legend in that sport. And to be honest with you, like he gave me a little credit, I’ll give him some credit.”

Triller Fight Club

Shannon Briggs continued, “He the only man willing to fight me. Look at me y’all. When they see me they change. They get scared. He the only man said he’s willing to do it. You’re going to see at the press conference Wednesday, the weigh-in Friday, Saturday the event. We’re gonna see as we get closer and closer to the event. Look at me. You’re looking different now. You see the Yeti up close, it’s a whole different story. Let me explain something to you, champ. Ryan Kavanaugh, all the people at Triller. You talk about an old folks home? They better get you a contract with a hospice. You know what a hospice is? Look it up. A hospice. Let’s go champ.”

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