Denice Zamboanga says "Give the fans what they want...'The Menace' vs 'Unstoppable' Angela Lee"

Denice Zamboanga says “Give the fans what they want…’The Menace’ vs ‘Unstoppable’ Angela Lee”

Denice “the Menace” Zamboanga has seemingly moved on past her most recent fight result against Ham Seo Hee.  The split decision goes down on record as her first career loss, but Zamboanga believes she won the fight in September at One Championship: Empower and the 24-year-old Filipino mixed martial artist now has her eyes on larger prizes.  Wanting to see where her mind was at on her next fight she was asked..

Who Would She Rather Fight? Angela Lee Or Ham Seo Hee?

You’re obviously looking to get a rematch with Seo Hee Ham. But at the same time, you still want that title shot against Angela Lee. If you could choose just one, what’s the better fight for you?

“I’d fight both of them on the same night (chuckles)! Joking aside, I’d still pick Angela Lee. I’ve been waiting to fight her for such a long time now. I still think I deserve that fight. And so many fans want to see it. They want to see me fight Angela Lee. The media have covered our fight a lot as well. And I think there’s just overwhelming interest to see this fight.”

Do you believe that Angela Lee will be just as good when she returns? Or do you think she will have a hard time adjusting and won’t be able to return to form?

“It really depends on how dedicated Angela is to come back. She is a mother now, and she has reached a level of success that most of us only dream of. She might not have that burning desire to win anymore. Success changes people in different ways. We’ve seen it affect fighters like Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor. It’s hard to stay at the top because every fight is your biggest fight ever. But then again, some fighters come back better than ever before. Angela has the tools, and I know she will do anything to keep the atomweight belt. But this is a mental game as much as it is physical. Angela has reached all of her dreams in this sport and has had a fantastic career. That kind of takes away from the fire.”

Is it really important for you to fight Seo Hee Ham at this stage? Or can you put that fight behind you?

“Fighting her again and beating her would prove once and for all that I’m the better fighter. But even if we don’t fight again, the whole world knows I beat her. Everyone is saying that I won, so it doesn’t really bother me now. We all know who won that fight. For me, I would gladly fight her again, but it’s not as important anymore. It’s not that big of a deal. Filipino fans are the best. I have the greatest fans in the world, and everyone really showed their support for me. I think that’s also why I’m still the number one contender in the division.”

MyMMANews will have up to the minute fight news regarding Zamboanga as well as One Championship: Winter Warriors coverage from their next event on December 3rd.

Denice Zamboanga
Denice Zamboanga – Photo from Fansided MMA


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