Rodtang On Tenshin: “I would be open to a mixed rules fight”

In the kickboxing world, no fighter gathers more eyes than Tenshin Nasukawa. With Tenshin retiring from kickboxing and persuing a career in boxing, his retirement date is looming. Recently, Tenshin said he would enjoy it if his last fight was with ONE Championship contender, Rodtang Jitmuangnon. Rodtang and Tenshin fought once before in 2018 and Tenshin took the win via unanimous decision. Rodtang says he would absolutely love to run that fight back and wants to get it all booked up.

Rodtang feels honored that he was the name on Tenshin’s mind. Since losing the first fight, it’s been the only thing on his mind and he would love to get back in there and do it one more time.

“I am really glad to know he would like to rematch me before he turns to boxing. I’ve been waiting for the rematch for a long time, ever since I lost to him on that day. It’s always been stuck in my mind. I never forgot. I am ready, and I would definitely say yes to his request as his last fight for kickboxing.”

With Tenshin in and Rodtang also game, Rodtang says it’s between ONE Championship and RIZIN/RISE (depending on who Tenshin Nasukawa will fight for). With the fans wanting it, Rodtang hopes it can come to fruition.

“I am sure that all the fans in the world would like to see the rematch between Tenshin and I. Also, both of us are willing to fight each other, so now it would be up to our organizations [to have that conversation], and I hope this conversation would end smoothly and be fair for everyone.”

Rodtang and Hybrid Rules

While Rodtang is a Thai boxer and Tenshin cuts his teeth in the kickboxing world, Rodtang knows that the ruleset will likely be kickboxing. But, much like his upcoming hybrid bout with Demetrious Johnson, Rodtang suggests a similar ruleset for the rematch with Tenshin Nasukawa.

“I am good at Muay Thai, so of course I would prefer Muay Thai rules. I know Tenshin would not accept this because he would worry about the elbows. He would prefer kickboxing rules. So, to make it fair for both sides, I would be open to a mixed rules fight – Muay Thai and kickboxing. We can do five rounds – Muay Thai for rounds one and three, and kickboxing for rounds two and four, or the other way around. Then the last round, we can make kickboxing plus clinching and knees, but no elbows. Actually, we can discuss [this more too], just to make it fair. I am so easy. I really would like for this to happen. It would be fun for the fans and would clear the issues from our first fight.”

While the fight with Johnson was postponed, Rodtang provides an update on the groundbreaking match and how he’s been preparing for it.

“After I learned that my fight with DJ was postponed, I continued to train. I stayed positive. Actually, it’s good for me because I can have more time to train my ground game. After this fight, I might continue MMA, if possible. That would be great.”

While Rodtang and Tenshin Nasukawa is not yet booked, fans are crying for it. Time will tell if Nasukawa and Rodtang’s party come to an agreement.

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