RAD 140 For Sale: Rad-140 Testolone SARM Dosage, Results, Side Effects, Before and After

RAD 140 For Sale: Rad-140 Testolone SARM Dosage, Results, Side Effects, Before and After

Testolone (RAD 140) is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) which is used as a substitute for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). Testosterone is a hormone in our body that helps to gain lean muscle mass and cut out extra fat from our body. RAD 140 is not yet approved by FDA (Food and drugs administration), but thorough research is in progress. Despite its legal status, RAD 140 has increased massively because of its quick and long-lasting results. Some users have claimed to find it even more potent than Ligandrol.


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What is RAD-140?

SARMs are non-steroidal supplements that affect the hormonal balance but in a particular way that narrows down the risk of nightmarish side effects that a steroid can cause. The selective functioning of SARMs is the key to appropriately quicker and longer-lasting results. The consumption of such supplements results in muscle bulking and cutting out of extra stored fat. Testolone (RAD 140) is one of the most potent SARMs available for muscle bulking. Many people belonging to the bodybuilding community use Testolone for better and quicker results. Testolone (RAD-140) has also helped patients with muscle degenerative diseases to grow healthy muscles. It is also recommended in the treatment of patients of prostate cancer or breast cancer. Testolone has also been proved helpful in preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease because of its ability to increase cognitive skills. It also helps to control your mood swings and makes the user feel more comfortable and confident.

How does Rad 140 work?

The functions of SARMs and steroids are the same, but the chemical structure of both are very different. The structure difference is why Testolone (RAD-140) only affects muscles and causes no other issue in your body. The user of RAD-140 does not experience any androgenic effects because it does not cause any sexual effects.

What are the benefits of Testolone (RAD 140)?

Here are listed some of the proven benefits of regular consumption of Testolone (RAD-140):

More lean muscle mass and more strength:

The user can see visible differences in lean muscle mass and strength. After starting consumption of Testolone (RAD-140), there is a great rise in the ratio of lean muscle mass to fat and stamina of the user.

Loss of extra stored fat from your body:

Testolone (RAD-140) helps your body to burn extra stored fat to get a leaner body shape.

Increase in your stamina:

After starting the consumption of Testolone (RAD-140), the user can perform heavier tasks daily without getting exhausted.

Raise in libido:

The user of Testolone (RAD-140) experiences better sexual performance, longer sex drives and higher libido.

Clarity of your mind:

Testolone users have greater focus and clearer minds.

Easy to stack:

Testolone is very easy to stack with Ligandrol or Nutrobal for muscle building. It can also be stacked with Ostarine and Andarine S4 for cutting (weight loss).

What side effects could be possible of using Testolone?

There haven’t been any reports about severe

Reduced Testosterone levels:

Using Testolone increases testosterone levels in the body. But when you overdose, the body begins to go to this external source and stops producing natural testosterone naturally, which leads to hormonal imbalances. Hormonal imbalances can lead to side effects caused by steroidal ingredients.

Muscle pain and inflammation:

Tendons attach your muscles to your bones. As muscles grow at a much higher rate, some tendons and joints are unable to adapt to increasing needs.


The body gets a lot of energy because of Testolone. If the user has a lot of power, he will relax after doing daily tasks.

Headaches and nausea:

First-time users experience this often. It usually ends in a short time. If not, reduce the dose.

Acne and Scars:

Taking in excess body fat causes acne and features. They depart after volume suspension.

My personal experience with Testolone (RAD-140):

I’ve talked to a lot of people in bodybuilding relationships about Testolone. I contacted a doctor to find out how safe Testolone is. It took me weeks to do this detailed research. I continued with Testolone only after measuring the risks and rewards. I started with a dose of 5 mg a day. And I increased it to 10 mg a week later. The first thing I noticed was a sudden increase in libido. It took 3-4 weeks. On one occasion, I had a small headache during the first few days of the cycle. From time to time, some of my joints and bones suffer from pain. But I did not have any side effects after the second week.

Three weeks into my first Testolone cycle, I started to lose some muscle. My shoulders and biceps were high, especially in volume. The veins were beginning to show more and more. In the past, I have gained muscle because of Ligandrol. Those benefits were huge in volume, but the muscles felt tight. Testolone has given me small but strong muscles. Most of the benefits from Ligandrol went away a few weeks after I stopped the cycle. But my body retained most of the benefits from Testolone even after I finished PCT. Fat loss began in the fourth week. The stubborn oil around the middle begins to drop. I had never seen this with Ligandrol. Probably because it causes water retention. I was beaten in just eight weeks. While Testolone is a significant cause, I also worked hard four days a week. I even followed a calorie-free diet throughout the cycle. Both Ligandrol and Testolone increased my strength. But the benefits from Testolone are better in terms of beauty. Testolone assures you of excellent results if you strictly and consistently follow the guidelines. Don’t just cross the line.

What is the recommended way to use Testolone(RAD 140)?

Testolone is most effective in small doses. Therefore, it is important to follow the right dosage. To avoid side effects, use Testolone in cycles. And please try to start with small amounts. Remember! Having a poor horse is better than having no horse at all. If you are just starting out, you can start with 5 mg Testolone daily for a week. After that, you can increase it to 10 mg a day. Because this is your first cycle, do this for at least six weeks. If you are a previous user of Testolone, you must start with 10 mg a day for a week. You can increase the dose to 15 mg per day for the next seven weeks.

Experienced users who have had multiple cycles can start a daily diet of 20 mg per day. You can continue this for ten weeks. If you notice any side effects in any cycle, stop immediately. Testolone is not recommended for women. But if you still wish to give it a chance, you can start at 5 mg a day. But women should not take 10 mg more than Testolone a day. It is best to take the supplement daily in a single dose.

PCT is mandatory as Testolone inhibits the growth of natural testosterone. You will just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You should do a PCT for four to six weeks. As an essential part of PCT, you can also take Nolvadex or Clomid. I recommend Nolvadex to users with Testolone for six to eight weeks. Take 20 mg a day for three weeks. Then reduce it to 10 mg. Since Clomid is strong, I recommend it to those who have taken heavy doses of Testolone for more than eight weeks. Start with a daily dose of 50 mg for two to three weeks. Then reduce to 25 mg.

How should you stack Testolone?

For Bulking:

You have two fraudulent stack options using Testolone:


Ligandrol LDD-4033 and Nutrobal MK-677:


Take 10 mg Testolone, 5 mg Ligandrol, and 2-3 mg Nutrobal daily for bulking.

You can expect to gain up to 10 lbs of weight loss in eight weeks. You can also see the cut to some degree. I recommend this alternative because it is softer.


Nutrobal MK-677 and S23:


Take 10 mg Testolone, 10 mg S23, and 20 mg Nutrobal daily for bulking.

This stack is very strong. Use this for only six to eight weeks. Stop immediately if you experience any side effects and contact your doctor as soon as possible.

For Cutting:

Cardarine GW-501516 and Ostarine MK-2866 are used for cutting stack.



Take 10 mg Testolone, 10 mg Cardarine, and 20 mg of Ostarine daily.

Carardarine plays a significant role in fat burning. Ostarine allows you to save benefits, especially if you follow a calorie-free diet. PCT is mandatory when you inject Testolone. You will have to take 50 mg Clomid daily for eight weeks.



You can get SARMs either in capsule or in powder form. Some vendors also offer third-party lab tests for all of their products. Most sellers ship your order in 1 to 3 business days. Depending on your location, international shipping takes between 7 to 10 days. Travel time to the US is approximately ten days.

Refund Policy:

In case you are not satisfied with the product, you have the option to return it. According to the return policy, you may return the product within 14 days of delivery.


Be sure to return the product with all accessories and original packaging. If you have paid return shipping, you will be reimbursed within 14 days of cancellation or refund delivery.


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