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Why is Online Poker Better Than Other Casino Games

Why is Online Poker Better Than Other Casino Games

If you’re here reading this article, then you’re amongst tons of online casino blog readers that are searching for answers to the age-long question “is online poker better than other casino games?”

To answer this, you need to know what poker is, a poker or a poker game is a game consisting of a variety of card games where players have the opportunity to bet against each other or the house that they have the highest-ranking hand. If they end up as the highest-ranking hand at the end of the game, it means that they are the eventual winners of that game round. A brief history of poker postulates that the word poker is descended from the Irish word “poca” or the French (poque) which is a further descendant of the German word (pochen).

So, why is Online Poker Better Than Other Casino Games? The reason is that apart from online poker being extremely entertaining gameplay online, it is also a game that requires an acute intellect to navigate the gameplay. Online poker helps the player build intellectual skills that they will utilize to earn real money and also apply the acquired skills in everyday life.

Online poker also allows the user to play free poker games. If you take a look at most casino games, especially brick-and-mortar based casino games, you don’t have the exclusive luxury of thinking of attempting to play free casino games, you can only do this once you have parted your money, and this can be a bit of a bummer if you’re only just looking to entertain yourself without parting with your money. The beauty of playing free online poker games is that you will have the opportunity to upgrade your skills and master all the strategies you need to improve your poker gameplay.





Different Types of Poker.

There are 12 types of poker you can find in any online casino like me88 online casino Malaysia they are Texas Poker, Ceme, Domino, Ceme Keliling, Dealer 13 Cards, 13 Cards, Blackjack, Super 10, Port Lit Omaha, QQ Spirit, and Super Bull. Also, you can elect to play in poker tournaments that we will be discussing in the next header. Also, to play poker games via once you click on the poker button, you will be redirected to download the android app. After clicking the download button, use the log-in details provided exclusively for you on the poker homepage to access the android app you installed.


  •       Texas Poker

Texas Poker or Texas Hold’em Poker is a game where players will be dealt two hole cards. The overall goal of the player will then be to make the best five-card hand at the end of the gameplay.

During gameplay the sequence of movement is usually clockwise, the action starts from the left of the dealer button. The first participant on the left must place a small blind and a big blind. When these players post those blinds, this will trigger the betting process. Hence from these players, the action occurs in multiple streets called Preflop, Flop, the Turn, and the River.


  •       Ceme

The ceme poker game is gameplay that requires the use of two Domino’s cards. In total, there are 28 domino cards on each game round. 2 to 8 players (black chair) take part in the Ceme poker game and one person will be the dealer (red chair). If nobody assumes the red chair role, the game will be unable to commence, unless they can find someone who can take up the role of the dealer.

In preparation, a player is dealt two cards and is required to peep the dealt cards, once the peep’s time has elapsed, the player is required to reveal the cards at the table. Once all the cards have been revealed on the table (player and dealer’s cards), the calculation to ascertain the cards with the highest value between the player’s cards and the dealer’s cards. The one with the highest value will be declared the winner of the game, and this final process is called the showdown.


  •       Domino QQ

In Domino, there are a total of 28 domino cards that are utilized during each round of the gameplay. During the gameplay, there’s a total of 6 players only and each player gets 4 cards dealt with them respectively. The description of the card shows that it is divided by a line in the centre horizontally to split the card into upper and lower halves. Also, each card has varying dot counts, and the dot count has to indicate the card’s value.

For Domino to calculate the outcome, you have the total points of all cards, so that you may determine the last value of the cards. Please note that the higher value is 9, the second number is the card value if the result exceeds 10, 20 or 39.



About Online Poker Tournaments


Playing online Poker Tournaments is done with a set of rules, as long as you fulfil the requirements of these rules, you will have a hitch-free tournament.

Here are the rules:

  1. Re-buys are prohibited, once you have lost all your chips, that’s the end of the tournament for you. So, bring your “A” Game.
  2. To be eligible to participate in the tournament you will conduct a buy-in, the more players that conduct a buy-in the larger the prize pool.
  3. Registration and deregistration can be conducted before the tournament begins, however, once the tournament commences, deregistration or registration will not be allowed.
  4. The tournament has a minimum and a maximum number of players that are required before the tournament commencement date. If the amount of players registered for the tournament isn’t attained, the tournament will be cancelled, and if the maximum number of registered players is attained, the registration will be closed.
  5. During a tournament, there’s only one player left, the tournament will end.


There are other sets of rules applicable to online tournaments, however, these 5 will enlighten you. You can find more rules in the Android app.


Poker Versus other Online Casino Games

Poker is more intricate gameplay that is skill-based and requires a higher level of concentration to win. Compared to other Online Casino Games, Poker game rules are very tight and must be followed. If a player fails to adhere to the rules guarding poker gameplay, that player runs the risk of losing his money when the game is forfeited.


Losing Money With Online Poker is Not as Easy as you Think

As long as you follow the rules of Online Poker, read through them, understand the gameplay, practice, and watch video tutorials, it is very difficult to lose money playing online poker. 

There are a variety of poker games within the Android app, so you can choose the game you are very comfortable with and play in. And the best way to grow your confidence and improve your skills is by practising first with free-to-play online poker games before putting your money in.



Final Words

Online poker gameplay is growing at a rapid rate, more people are beginning to learn that online poker is relatively easier to play and earn than other online casino games. 

If you desire to master online poker, then you should go through this article over and over again, read and understand it, you will learn how to become a better online poker player. Now you can play IDNPoker online poker games at me88:

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