Rizin 30 weigh-in results

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Rizin 30 weigh-in results and combatant quotes

All fighters have made weight leading into the thirtieth Rizin spectacular. This card transpires on September 19th from the Saitama Super Arena in Japan.

The broadcast goes down on Live Now to facilitate international streaming.

The combatants offered up some quotes ahead of fight night. These are your Rizin 30 weigh-in results.

Rizin 30 weigh-in results

Panchan Rina (46.45kg): 

“I’m very honored to be fighting the first women’s kickboxing fight in RIZIN. I’m eager to show what we can do and I will go for a finish.” 

“I know that the fans want to see an exciting fight with big shots and exciting finishes. So I plan to deliver all of that with additional flair.” 

Momoka (45.85kg): 

“I can’t describe how excited I am to be fighting on such a big stage. I have been receiving so much support since the announcement and I am more motivated than ever.” 

“She’s not too aggressive and likes to keep distance and I like to close distance and fight at a close range so this fight will be about fighting for distance.” 

“I am not the most technical fighter so I have to cover the lack of technique with heart. That is what I know I have stronger than my opponent” 

“All the hype is around my opponent but I am here to spoil the party. I thank her for gathering all the attention, I’ll take it from here.” 

Shoji (65.85kg): 

“My opponent is young, fearless and super aggressive so I’m very excited to face him.” “ I have a new Katana for my entrance, definitely look out for my entrance” “ I’m not holding back, I’m going to go all in and put on a show for everybody.” 

Chihiro Suzuki (65.95kg): 

“I always think and visualize how I’m going to get the win before I sleep, so I have about a million ways I can beat my opponent.” 

“I wouldn’t be fighting in MMA if I was scared of going to the ground. Those who are scared should stick with kickboxing. I’m down to grapple and I’m confident.” 

“My motto is to put on fights that fans want to see. I have no intention of laying on my opponent and doing nothing. If my opponent lays on me, I will do everything it takes to stand back up.” 

“My ideal fight on Sunday would be Don Frye vs Takayama.”

Rizin 30 weigh-in results

Shinobu Ota (66.00kg): 

“My opponent is a great striker but that’s all he has. I’m not going to hide my plan. I’m going to take him down and finish him. This fight won’t last long.” 

“He claims he can knock me out with any strike but it won’t mean anything if he can’t land it. Let’s see him throw devastating blows off of his back.” 

“This is a fight that I must win, so I will do what I’ve trained to do and win this fight as expected.” 

“I think the reason why Gable Stevenson signed with the WWE is because he won the gold medal.” 

Yuta Kubo (65.85kg): 

“Super excited to make my RIZIN and MMA debut.” 

“I know my opponent is an Olympic wrestler medalist but I’m a K-1 Champion as well. This fight will be wrestling vs K-1. He’s not used to punching people but I’ve been punching people in the face for years so that’s a great advantage.” 

“I’ve worked extremely hard for this fight so a loss would be such a waste. I need to win this to make all this worthwhile. Like, It’s been over 10 years since I pushed myself this hard.” 

Ulka Sasaki (65.80kg): 

“My opponent hits hard and can finish the fight if he lands, he’s strong and can grapple. It’s going to be a tough fight” 

“This is my first fight at Featherweight but I feel strong, fresh and healthy on fight week. It’s something I have never felt when I was fighting at lower weight classes.” 

“I’m excited to see how I can perform at Featherweight, I feel like I have a great chance, but it’s a professional sport, so I won’t know until I actually tie up with him.” 

“He’s a striker but I actually think he’s going to try to grapple with me.” 

Yoshinori Horie (65.95kg): 

“The fight will go one way. Me landing my punches and winning by a knockout.” “There will be a clear difference in physical strength and striking power. He will not be able to take me down and even if he does, I will stand right up. It will be a one-sided beatdown.”

Koji Takeda (70.85kg): 

“Yachi is a totally different fighter and he is a threat, but he’s only been with his new camp for less than a year. I’ve been with coach Miyata my entire MMA career. The difference will show. ” 

“My style is gritty and that’s what I do best. I’m going to stick with it and beat my opponent with exhaustion.” 

“Working with a former K-1 Champion has improved my striking a lot. I can’t become a better striker overnight, but it definitely helps me get used to crisp striking and distance.” 

Yusuke Yachi (71.00kg): 

“My opponent is durable and is tough. He continues to come in forward and it is hard to get him to back off. I have a plan against him, so look forward to it.” 

“I think oblique kicks are very effective. It’s hard to finish the fight with it but you can use it to make your opponent think, so it’s very effective in setting your pace and it’s not risky at all. I’d hate to be on the receiving end of it.” 

“This will be my second time heading into a fight with an actual plan lol Ever since I’ve changed gyms, it has really been a career-changing decision” 

“My opponent says this will be a grueling fight, but fighting is tiring to begin with. If he wants to spend a lot of energy that’s fine but that’s not for me.” 

Rizin 30 weigh-in results

Ayaka Hamasaki (48.80kg): 

“I’m excited to be facing an opponent who I’ve faced 9 years ago. Her physical strength is exceptional for a woman.” 

“I will be the one setting the pace in the fight, and I will keep the fight active and not stall the fight. ” 

Emi Fujino (48.95kg): 

“Hamasaki is the best opponent I could have asked for during these times. We both won’t back down so I’m expecting an all out war.” 

“This is my first time dropping to Atomweight but the process has been great. I’m starting to think that Atomweight is my best weight class so I’m excited for fight day.” 

“I’m not the type to prepare for certain fighters and I can only do what I know how to do. No matter what her plan is, I’m going in there to enforce my plan.”


Yuki Motoya (60.90kg): 

“I honestly don’t have any opinion on my opponent. The fight will end quickly.” “ I want to show the difference in the abilities we have. This will be a one sided fight.” 

Kenta Takizawa (60.95kg): 

“My goal is to dominate him in every aspect so I plan to stick to the plan.” 

“I want to show a fight that defines Kenta Takizawa. Maybe I’ll run around for 15 minutes like last time. That might be fun in a way.” 

“I need to be careful of his submission attempts during scrambles and transitions”

“A Bellator vs RIZIN bantamweight team battle would be intriguing” 

Hiromasa Ougikubo (60.85kg): 

“Our strong points are very similar so I think we will be complimenting each other’s strengths. But I have more finishing moves and better striking than him.” 

“I’m prepared for a grueling fight and I can edge it out if the fight heads in that direction.” “ I am very intrigued by the RIZIN x Bellator collaboration and I would love an opportunity to fight abroad.” 

“Joseph Benavidez is a great human being and I’ve always hoped for him to win the UFC title, but he will be successful with whatever he does. I hope to see him again once I visit the US. “ 

Takafumi Otsuka (60.95kg): 

“I know that this is going to be a tough fight. We’re going to bring it all, and it will be a tiring fight and the one with a stronger heart will win.” 

“Ougikubo has the ability to edge out tough and grueling fights. I need to prepare for that.”

Rizin FF

Naoki Inoue (60.85kg): 

“My opponent is an aggressive striker but I’m confident that I can take him out where he’s most comfortable.” 

“I think Horiguchi going to Bellator is a good thing. It gives hope to all Japanese fighters that they can challenge themselves outside of Japan. Bellator would be a fun place to go with such a stacked division” 

“Ougikubo has been asking to fight me so I would like to face him after this fight.” 

Kintaro (60.95kg): 

“My opponent is taller and has a slight reach advantage but that’s it, I’m not worried. I’ve prepared myself for an absolute war.” 

“He may be technical and all but I’ve prepared some tricks up my sleeve so stay tuned for a surprise.” 

“I have done everything I need to win this fight so I am headed in with a clear mind and with confidence. ” 

Kai Asakura (60.90kg): 

“I’m not too worried about his Jiu Jitsu, I think I’m better at everything than him.” “ I like watching movies and surrounding myself in nature during my off time.” “I wasn’t too surprised with Horiguchi heading to Bellator. My target is taking on the world as well so if I keep winning I will eventually meet him again.” 

“There are some fights that you only get to see in RIZIN because of the ruleset. I plan to show a brutal and violent fight for the fans.” 

Alan “Hiro” Yamaniha (60.75kg): 

“My opponent is famous, strong and hits hard but he’s still human. We are both aggressive fighters so this will be a very explosive fight. The fans will get the fight they want to see.” 

“I know I will have to focus on preparing for NYE so I quit my job to focus on this tournament overall. I am dedicated to this fight and putting everything on the table.” 

“He may be the quicker fighter but all I need is the right timing and I will be able to land my own strikes.” 

“I will win this tournament and change my life. This is my Japanese dream.”

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