Scott Coker on MacDonald-Mousasi Superfight: "That fight will happen one day"

Scott Coker on MacDonald-Mousasi Superfight: “That fight will happen one day”

MacDonald-Mousasi superfight on the horizon?

At Bellator 200: London this past Friday, seasoned MMA veteran Gegard Mousasi captured the Bellator Middleweight Championship from Rafael Carvalho with a first round technical knockout. Afterwards Mousasi took the opportunity to challenge Bellator’s reigning Welterweight Champion Rory MacDonald. In the wake of Mousasi’s call out, it has sparked the idea upon Bellator fans that this supposed super fight should happen, at least in MacDonald’s estimation. MacDonald echoed these sentiments yesterday on The MMA Hour .

“Obviously, me and Gegard want it and I think the fans want it,”

“I think it would be the biggest fight that Bellator, that they could put on right now. In my opinion, if they pass this opportunity by, it would be a mistake because how often can you get this kind of timing and one fight could change the direction of any one of our careers, so I think the opportunity is now and we should take it.”

Mousasi agreed with Mcdonald’s statement.

“Rory is a big name,” Mousasi said on the same episode of The MMA Hour.

“He’s a big name. If I win, people will know I have a win over a good fighter, a very well-known fighter. So of course it’s, for me, a win-win situation, [rather] than fighting a guy that no one knows.”

While the excitement is great, however Scott Coker and the Bellator probably won’t be signing this contest anytime soon.

“As I was walking over here, Rory was blowing my phone up going, ‘Let’s do it, I want to get this fight on,’” Coker told reporters shortly after Bellator 200 via MMAjunkie.

“We’ll go back, and let’s see. We’re working on a few things that will make sense. That fight will happen one day. How soon? I’m not sure.”

Coker continued in the interview saying that there are indeed major plans for Mousasi, unfortunately Rory MacDonald won’t be apart of them at the moment.

“Gegard showed why he’s probably one of the best in the world,” Coker said of Mousasi. “Now he’s our world champion. I knew when we signed him to fight in Strikeforce he was amazing. He’s just getting better and better, and we have some great fights ahead for him.”

How soon do you think the Mousasi-MacDonald super fight should happen?

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