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Sergio DaSilva - Photo by Edward Carbajal

Sergio DaSilva Talks Fight News, Martial Arts Being Essential, and Moving Forward

Recently, Sergio DaSilva let fight fans know he had fight news coming soon. With 16 fights under his belt, it is clear he has dedicated his life to martial arts and combat sports. It is a hard passion to pursue during a global pandemic but with other sports on hold, combat sports are still moving forward and so is DaSilva. 

“I’ve been doing martial arts since I was four years old,” DaSilva told MyMMANews. To him, and many others that choose to make martial arts part of their lives training is essential. It is also part of his livelihood, not just as a professional fighter but as an instructor, coach, and father. The 34-year-old knows he still has a window to compete, even when he has thought about walking away, something inside calls him back to compete.

“It’s hard to walk away. I always get that itch,” said DaSilva. He has some notable training partners that compete in all levels of MMA from the regionals to the UFC. When he sees he can keep up with fighters like that, he cannot help but get back to action himself. 

For all the nobility that comes with martial arts, DaSilva acknowledges that MMA is still a form of entertainment. With that comes being in the public eye and for fans that have followed the sport, DaSilva knows he has to address his past. “It’s part of who I am,” he said but in the day and age of “fake news”, and people that only read headlines, he knows the full story is never told.

When facing the accusations in 2019, John Gotti Jr showed up to defend DaSilva’s character but more was made out of the affiliation with Gotti than what Gotti had to say about Da Silva, like being a “magnificent father” and that the community service he had been asked to do, is something Da Silva does regularly.

“All it was, was fight pictures of me, my mohawk and tattoos,” DaSilva said, “Not once did it come out, I volunteer, no pay that I’ve coached basketball, softball, soccer, church. I’ve coached probably over 500 kids in my lifetime.” 

Sergio DaSilva spoke about it at length and you can see the entire interview in the video at the top of the article.

Martial arts training, for the most part, makes people honest, truthful, and forthcoming. One of the things martial arts teaches is to learn from your mistakes and do your best to be better. DaSilva’s openness to discuss his past while trying to move forward is a good example of what makes martial arts essential and that martial artists, while some things they do in competition seem superhuman, are still only human.

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