Shannon Wiratchai

Shannon Wiratchai on Honorio Banario: “This is the comeback for both of us”

Shannon Wiratchai takes on Honorio Banario at ONE King of the Jungle. Wiratchai is a veteran of the ONE Championship circuit and has spent the bulk of his career with the promotion. Banario is a former featherweight champion for ONE. Both are looking to break multi-fight losing skids in the bout set for Singapore Indoor Stadium. It goes Friday, February 28th and these 155 lbers are ready to show off their skillsets as martial artists. Wiratchai has been carving his path out since ONE FC 5 and has victories over names like Amir Khan.

ONE King of the Jungle

No fans will be live in attendance for this ONE Championship event. This is being done as a precautionary measure relating to coronavirus. Wiratchai said, “I was feeling a bit strange because I’m used to putting on a show according to the fan reaction.”

Shannon Wiratchai has a pronounced level of admiration for his opponent but a commensurate level of confidence in his chances to win.

Wiratchai stated, “I feel like Honorio Banario, he’s a highly good striker. For sure he’s been to the top. He was the first world champion in the featherweight division. This time is the first time in like three years he’s coming back down to featherweight. His best division. But so am I. I’m back here in my best division too. I’m sure we’re going to put on a show.”

Shannon Wiratchai

In terms of where he has made the biggest leaps this camp, it was not in any part of his physical skillset. Wiratchai remarked, “I think I’ve been improving a lot on my mental aspect….The thing I mostly focus on is to gain the confidence everywhere. Going to every area. Don’t be hesitant.”

It has been an interesting, winding path for Shannon Wiratchai throughout his tenure n ONE Championship. Both himself and the promotion undulating together as they both evolve sympathetically. Wiratchai quipped, “I’m not very athletic. I’m not very super dedicated athlete. But with ONE Championship, I’ve learned a lot from them. I learned martial arts. I learned from them how to start from scratch.” In summation, Wiratchai said “Two years ago, I was a killer. They say that….This is the comeback for both of us.”

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