Stamp Fairtex

Stamp Fairtex: “Janet is not going to take the belt home. I’m going to bring the belt home”

Stamp Fairtex takes on Janet Todd with the ONE atomweight kickboxing championship up for grabs. Fairtex is the defending titlist and is fighting Todd in a rematch. ONE King of the Jungle goes Friday, February 28th. Fairtex vs Todd is the main event bout. This prizefight will top the marquee at Singapore Indoor Stadium. Fairtex is a justifiably hyped, multi-sports phenom with ONE world titles in muay thai as well as kickboxing who also boasts an unbeaten MMA record.

ONE King of the Jungle

Stamp Fairtex has amassed a winning streak in the world of MMA and is making a long-awaited return to the kickboxing ring. Through a translator, Fairtex said, “Very excited now that she gets to defend her kickboxing belt. It’s been a while. It’s been a year already.”

No fans will be present live in attendance for this one. There are many intriguing bouts set for ONE King of the Jungle. Precautionary measures surrounding coronavirus create a unique competitive framework for the ONE Championship martial artists. Through a translator, Fairtex stated, “It’s no problem because she knows that a lot of people at home are going to be watching her. She has fought in events before where no people are watching. She’s ok.”

Stamp Fairtex

The biggest leaps in Stamp’s skill set seems to be with the hands. Through a translator, Fairtex quipped, “For this fight, she worked a lot on her Boxing skills….. For the last month, we’ve been doing a lot of Boxing skills.”

Fairtex’s departure from MMA evidently will not be a long-lasting one. Through a translator, Fairtex said, “She hopes that after this fight she can go back to MMA for a couple of fights. But she also knows that this year she will have to defend her muay thai belt again.”

This upcoming fight seems t be a sequel that Fairtex is equal parts excited for and confident heading into. Through a translator, Fairtex remarked, “Janet is a tough opponent. She’s quite well rounded and she’s a really strong fighter. So I think it will be a great rematch.” In summation, Fairtex stated “No matter what, for this fight, Janet is not going to take the belt home. I’m going to bring the belt home. I will do everything I can to still be the champion.”

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